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Apr 4, 2008

__i_n_d_u_s_t_r_i_a_l___ t_o_u_r_!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when we first got the discussion of Industrial visit in our class for this semester vacation, the response was ok ok !! and i thought it'll gradually increase as the last date approaches...
And after meeting the tours and travels people and after discussing everything, to get the best tour for my friends for summer, we chose north India to be ideal...

The tour cost was considerably cheaper and the tour plan is more relieving than other trips available.

and it took more time and more time and more of my preparation time for exams than expected, to decide upon the final-final-final tour and departure dates...
And as the last date to finalize the reservations approached, only 25 ppl turned up out of 68!!!!

It was definitely not encouraging. doubts?

well, it was disgusting

The next year's gonna be the last year for all of us together...

For most of us, it's gonna be the last year as a student!!!
We will no more be students after this one yeaR!! ( I STILL cAN't BELIEVE this!!!)

We can never bunk classes to hang out at the canteen together or play basket ball
we can no more comment and laugh in the classes TOGETHERR..

reason for writing this title like this is clearly audible!!! it's not gonna HAPPPPENNNNNN!!!!

the tour's not gonna happen with this turn up of 25 cause it'll obviously increase the amount each has to pay.

THIS seems to be the tendency of the world...
the world is tending towards separation, nucleation
People want to get divided and live..
People want to fight..
they want just one reason to hit the other person.

we are living in huge buildings
but our hearts are in choking small rooms.

or we've ourselves built walls all around each one of us
put our heart and soul in freezers to avoid melting to others' problems

On the whole, ppl don't want to do something or meet some1 or talk to some1 if that doesn't worth their VALUABLE time!!
they can better stare at the skies in that time, chances are they may find a new planet!!!
which will some way help ISRO
all other things they generally do in their valuable time not worth anything more than gazing at the Sun to find a sunspot

well I'm not here to suggest our city's population how to waste their valuable time..\\\

FORGOT.. you may be wondering why was i sooo bothered about industrial tour...
I'm one of the tour Incharges...

Todays' exam (CRE external) was bad... aaargh.
I might get a backlog even before i have fully enjoyed my "all clear" regime... just recently i was all clear.. not anymore

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