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Dec 9, 2015

New age lynch mobs

I'd like to hold less popular beliefs without the fear of getting lynched. Many of us condemn middle-ages treatment of people on many subjects. But, when we see a tweet or hear byte about an opinion which differs from ours, on subjects where we feel soft and gooey in our heart, we join lynch mobs online without a second thought.

I'm like those humanists or most humans. I do not kill someone or abuse them because they don't agree with me.

Solving a problem

When you want to completely solve a problem, not a mathematical sum, but a real world problem, it is not enough to be just an engineer or an artist, an educator, a politician or a businessman!

When you are trying to completely solve a problem, you morph from one role to another.

But even that is not enough. Because that's just you taking up different roles.

When you completely solve a problem, you would understand that you need the support of hundreds or thousands of others who play various roles. Educators, artists, businessmen, engineers and scientists and politicians.

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