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Aug 14, 2008


U know what?

I'm typing this as soon as I've reached home from college... at 6.30... i directly approached my system, switched it on on logged onto my blog to share the following : (effect of writing too much notes!!!)

it was a burdensome journey back home.. started at 4.15 and reached at 6.30... what?? where's your college??!!

It was always a one hour wonderful journey(kidding guys, chill)

By the way something good happened during this time... i saw "five pt. someone" with my friend and borrowed it and finished the second half of it... While giving the book, he said "Read from 'the longest day of my life' chapter" with a crooked smile... The image the book has and the smile hinted me something... i too began page 165 with a crooked smile... ha ha ha :-D

It's mentioned about 'operation pendulum' in the first para of the chapter and my friend again smiled back to me saying "Aa, aaaa.. continue", again smiling crookkkedly. Those of u who's read it already will understand what i mean but for those who haven't got so lucky, it's just spending some special time with his girl friend to obtain the keys of his department's HOD's room.. His girl friend is his HOD's daughter...

Well the story apart, the novel has been an "eye opener" (not a soft/hot drink opener, but an eye opener in the sense that it has widened my vision!! and i many times regret for translating Telugu directly into English, but it's wokay...)

As usual i digressed(got deviated) from why i started this post and already typed lotsssa shitt (oops, sorry twaddle, not shit)

The day has been dizzy today(what crap? days becoming dizzy!!) BUT YAAAA.. IT HAS BEEN DIZZY...

I used to think I'm a nice staircase climber(who's not?? what big deal if you're not??)
ya ya, coming to the point, i fell down climbing stairs today in my block... when all my juniors were watching!! embarrassing it was... but like every1 else, i helped my selves and got up and climbed the remaining stairs with a "I'm not a Dumbo, I'm not a Dumbo" kinda grin... All others around also giggled back at me... i found people who normally act as if not looking at me also smiling at me, as if a condolence... or as if i climbed Mt. Kanchenjunga(Everest is casual n usual n hackneyed n banal n commonplace n cliched n trite.. GRE, GRE.. don't worry).

Then i sat in the bus staring at it's roof(!!! what???). An age old bus ours is.. By the nickname CHANDINI, it's pretty famous in our college. And we guys traveling in this bus collectively call ourselves "CHANDINI GUYS".. does it remind any of u of the soothing 'Chandini raatein' song?? this chandini guys terminology is unknown to the college, but our 'travel In charge' knows it pretty well.. We're known for mischief.

By the way i missed one fact... Chandini is the only 'only boys' bus in our college.. we were punished this way for our mischief.

ya while i was looking at the roof, i found one li'l electric bulb abut(adjacent to) another similar bulb.. I feel my readers should gain 'at leeeast' vocabulary for doing me the favor of reading... The right way of saying it is : i found 2 li'l electrical bulbs. That's it... then i found the 5 pt.some1 and passed my time...

Whereas my bus mates were constantly getting in and out of the bus as it was standing still at various traffic jams and were having fun.. i too was having fun (come on, reading can also be fun).

Then i reached home, i was hungry when in the bus, but now after reaching home, i don't want to eat anything...
Lost hunger..
Don't feel like sitting at one place..
Don't feel like talking to mom or brother...
Don't feel like even smelling a flower..
Don't even feel like listening to music...

What's Happenninggg???

My mind is dizzying..

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