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Sep 25, 2007

fun and then hell.....

12.55 A.M.

Ganapathi and Indian team rocked the whole world.... Hyderabad for sure....
We saw it ourselves.... people were all crazy all along the roads.... dancing like hell to "theen maar" and "dho maar"... and head banging and screaming with joy at each other....

you can hear
"ganapathi bappa... moriyaaa" to
"jai jai maatha.... Bharath maatha"

it was fun shouting the phrases riding on the rocking roads....
whenever you say "ek baar, dho baar.........", there'll be a whole bunch of people to finish the sentence.
we were teaching people new phrases along our way and stopping to shout them aloud with them.....

and amongst all these, the response from strangers was the highlight...... you can go and dance with them and they would change their steps according to yours, you go and scream before a passing scooter and he would stop to shake hands and say all the best to Indian Team.

It was happpening all through the night.....

it was totally youngsters roaming at that moment but the middle aged had their share tooo.... coming to Ganesh utsav going on along with the Indian world cup celebrations, the music was all over the place and people were seen everywhere....

All of us had great fun... We could see sweat dripping from every face because of dancing.... we were rejoicing the feeling of riding in the cold with the sweat on our faces...

to most of our surprise and to add to the excitement, girls have come out in groups hiring autos.. that was some thing we didn't expect.... girls coming out in autos just to scream on the roads!!!??

Damn my cam..... it didn't work at the right moment, or i promise, this whole space would be full of photos and nothing else....

One highlight was a rally that was self organised(unknowingly) by bikers themselves that continued from Liberty, through Himayatnagar, Narayanguda and till Kacheguda... and i bet all of them were strangers to each other... i could see a 100 bikes in it..... that was huge... and we lead the rally for some time and lost contact thereafter.....

and we can never miss our city police when there are bomb blast threats and a major festival taking place..... we came across them at every junction....
we were shouting on them also and stupidly waiting for response....

they seemed to be waiting for the right moment to thrash all of us...
according to what i heard after reaching home, "lathi charges" took place at Himayatnagar and Liberty an hour later.

amonngst all this, i forgot almooost everything else...... internals gonna start from the day after and i know nothing....

head banging resulted in neck muscle cramps and
severe screaming and shouting in throat problems (2nd time this month already....)

Sep 4, 2007


Early in the morning of the 30th of this august, we were waiting in the Visakhapatnam Railway station for our train to Chennai. it's much earlier than what would imply to you as Early morning......

After finishing "Heyy Baby" second show at 12.30 a.m., my friends arrived at the station to meet the two of us at the station already waiting there from the past 1-1/2 hrs..... Till then we were trying to stop ourselves from dozing off. Instantly started discussing about girls "what better topic would be there to discuss about??" (Hum Tum - Saif).

Our discussion ended there and all 8 of us started the exercise of not sleeping:-)

It was 1.30 by the time we searched a place to rest. That was somewhere on the other side of our platform.

Every one slept like logs and our whole plan of trying not to sleep was a flop.

we were careful from the beginning not to miss the train by sleeping and that's the reason we came chose the station to rest instead of the hotel rooms. We woke up at around 3.30 and went to our platform to get our luggage from the Cloak room.

And somehow boarded the train at around 4. We left the station at 4.30 a.m.

From here onwards it's BLANK till 12.30 p.m. i went to sleep as soon as we boarded the train.

By the time i woke up, we were in the borders of A.P.

Aug 9, 2007

is it??

well in the mean time, i have been trying to post more poems i wrote in my childhood....

soo was trying to acquire them from the huge trash that's always present in my cupboard...
there are chances of those books being anywhere in my room which is making searching worse and searching itself meaningless.....

that's what my mom says " searching for things in your room is useless and success happens only in your dreams" and says many more's not necessary to mention all of them here....

soo abt the poems.... haven't yet got them...

when after trying very hard, thought of wiriting them again.......


that was my brains reaction/ went blank...couldn't remember about what i used to write or those ideas i had...

my brain instead of thinking about those poems then suggests me that I'm a grown up and cannot think about those childish childhood things.......

Is it???!!!!

Jul 6, 2007


We find them every where in the world
in cities, towns and villages

Some are young, some are old
but all earning penny wages

they are three-fourths of the people
in every aspect low and feeble

They are all from the community of the poor
whose problems never have a cure

Their poverty,
leads them towards cruelty

Clothed somehow and sheltered in rags,
they become the future's brats

Having even a good meal will be possible only in their dreams
and are waiting for the lighting beams

Could be God made these people in a low mood
and forgot writing in their lives, peace, love and food

wrote this poem in continuation to another poem, in my 7th class....
but can't publish the actual poem coz i havn't yet finished it due to very vague ideas i had thn

Jun 28, 2007

Adventurous journey


visiting Tirupathi again. We are leaving today by train.
this reminds me of our last visit.
It was raining just like today, we were totally 20.
Old, middle ages, teenage and children all mixed up.
10 of us come from the same apartment. We have all reached the railway station 1/2 an hour early.
the train was already there, we all boarded it and made ourselves comfortable.
we had an old couple with us.
they sat inside the train and all others were standing outside waiting for the others to was still raining heavily, so we were standing under the roof, rubbing our hands, totally covered with raincoats and sweaters inside....unbearably cool it was.

Two of us were having coffee....instead of drinking, we were wrapping our hands around the cups most of the time.
Amongst all this, we had no clue of where the others are.
No one was lifting their mobile.

Jun 25, 2007

what to expect???

been a very loooong time since the last post,

these days, i'm posting only when i'm getting seriously sick or depressed and have to share myself.

the earlier post explains a lot...... people very good at studies failed in that particular subject..... that's ridiculous.....

The reason for today's posts are that we are not able to protest against the Sir, even though if we want to....... people are not ready to get them self into risk....

My results came with a loot of excitement(unaware of how i wrote my exams, i couldn't expect anything)

Brain was just blank before hearing to my result....
then i heard it.... those sweet words i was waiting for...those two words any engineering student would love to hear.

"ALL CLEAR".......

haaaaa.......after a sigh of relief and few breathtaking moments i was able to thank the person for those great words.....

But the real excitement was not there after listening to those backlogs in EEE.....

Jun 13, 2007

YO - my new pet---already into the past

*wrote this on May 13th. but couldn't publish it on that day*
Today being a Sunday, watched a second show yesterday night....... so late to sleep and usually got up very late today....

Was unwilling to open my eyes. I could listen some, Hmm... many voices. Understood that relatives have come, my mother mentioned it before going to bed last night.

I didn't want to get up. I covered my face with a pillow and tried to sleep. Not even 1 minute passed and my pillow was pulled away.
It was my mom. Remembering that it was Mother's Day, I Wished her and slept again.

She quickly came to me again and said that the relatives have come and wanted me to getup..... But even before she left, even my bed was occupied by relatives.They just flowed in.

Now i had to get up.......
Wished all of them and sat before system. My Dad came and asked whether i'll come with him to the local Fish market. I answered that i can't

But somehow, i had to go with Him

It was a 15 minutes drive to the fish market. At last we were there in the fish market.

Now, without bath and the heat over my head, i could really feel what a fish market sounds like....

We went searching for fish.... the market was closing. Every one were packing up.

Then, behind an auto we found a vendor selling Crabs.
My father went to buy something else, but i was standing at the Crab stall admiring the way they were using their claws...

so, my father bought me one. I declared that I'm gonna keep this one as a pet and my father readily agreed.

I was excited, I have never heard of any one having a crab as a pet and that i was gonna have a "CRAAAB" as a pet!!!

By the time we reached, our bike was burning hot. I couldn't even sit on it.. Some how managed to reach home.

Took the crab out and announced in the home that i was gonna raise this one.

There was no visible disagreement. So i went on, got a tub and put it inside. Filled it with water.

Doubts arise naturally to it was about, whether it was a freshwater species or a marine one?
Browsed the net to get a picture of a crab that would be resembling my pet.... After a lot of research, i could onlyyy understand that it was a male that I'm having.

Then small research on crab feed made made it clear what to be fed. I got some fish feed from a pet shop. Then it was his naming that has to be done.
Saw a list of names in a "pet names" list. None were satisfactory...

Then it suddenly occurred to me and named him "YO".....

"YO" was showing lots of attitude from the beginning. He was not even allowing me to touch it.
He also tried to bite me(not a bite actually) with his claws. I escaped it but learned that i have to be careful with this fellow.

After sometime, i was good at handling YO.

then had a photo session with YO
and here's YO

By the evening, he had enough food in his tub.

The Aquarium i had earlier has leaks from all sides, so it's not used these days.
So, i decide to buy a new one for "YO".

I also took another decision---decision 2. That my aquarium would have aquatic animals other than fish.

Then i became busy in browsing the net for "YO".
Suddenly, my son came running to me and said that YO has died.This is the Danger with long relationships. You become Dad or sometimes even Grand Father even without marrying and that too at small ages when you are still calling your neighbours as Uncles and Aunties.

I was shocked and went running to it and saw that it was motionless. Tried to lift it from the water then He moved and suddenly used his claws against me. Escaping this time again, i was sure that this fellow is a 'hard to die' one. Once in my childhood, i was bitten by a very small crab in a beach when i tried to catch it in the sand.

Later on, after some more research, I was a failure in knowing it's species. But i came to know that YO's family could be mostly a scavenger species and hence they are omnivorous and they eat anything.
So stopped worrying about the feed...knew some more interesting facts about their growth in those hard shells that they have.
Whenever there's a need to grow, a crab sheds the "exo-skelton"(outer shell) and then without these shells they look just like pieces of flesh, white in color. They grow in this period and then form another exoskeleton. This is called "Molting". They do this twice a year.

My Dad came to me and said "the crab died". I explained him that even he could have been mistaken just like his grandson i.e, my son. But went to see.

Shocked this time to see it motionless even when tried to lift it from the water and even after lifting and giving some jerks, it was motionless.

Everything stopped suddenly before me......
each second was taking hours..
He was motionless....may be I came to know by that time, what had happened

Still shocked and grief stricken that Yo died and that tooo soo ealry.... i mean i was expecting to raise it for some months minimum.

I didn't want to throw it out. i kept it's corpse inside a jar.The next day, there was foul smell around the jar. Mom wanted to ask me to remove the corpse from that place but did not do that afraid she may hurt me.I could understand it and after realizing that i cannot store it practically and having nooo other choice, had to put it into the dustbin with a heavy heart. Putting my pet into a "dustbin" was sad, really sad.

Then, sat down to analyze what happened.

In the afternoon,YO tried to jump out of the tub and even succeeded twice . I collected it and put it into the tub both the times.
sooo it could be because he was a Marine animal.

this was the only thing i could conclude.

sooo feeling sad that my excitement vanished in hours and my short relationship with Yo made such an impact on me..., i decided to raise at least one crab successfully.... till then I'll be trying my best.

Coz not many people has done it before, I'll definitely do it and that too successfully.

my coin collection

i opened my coin collection again after may be some 5 months.....

that's pretty a very long time for someone who used to open it every hour.

very rarely i'm opening my collection these days. Reasons could be various.
First thing is there are no friends in my new college who collect coins so that i could be exchanging them.

Once i have entered engineering, suddenly i found many other things that can be done, so lost time for hobbies....... new friends and lots of places and occasions to freak out with them....

amongst all this, i just used to open the collection to see whether it's still present.

While i was collecting them with enthusiasm and interest(some 4yrs back), I used to be able to say everything about every coin and currency note in my collection....

details ranged from it's denomination, the country, names of the personalities on them....

One thing i definitely learned from them are Arabic Numericals

here are some pics of My Collection :
(i) Asian currency Notes and Coins

this pic (i) shows all the Asian currency i have....the bottom most note belongs to JORDAN and is 10 DINARS.

the top most is CHINA and is 5 YUAN...just now, found that it's an older version.
top right-inclined one, with a bearded face is the 100 RIYALS of OMAN.

there are old INDIAN notes beneath all these...there are many 1 RUPEE and 2 RUPEE notes. There are many INDIAN coins also..... about them in the next pic...

(ii) Very OLD INDIAN coins

these are the oldest INDIAN coins that i have got

about all other coins that i have in the next post....
I'll be including currency of Nations from other continents(other than Asia)

Apr 12, 2007

perfectly planned against me

here i'm, back again....

today was superbly plannned against me.

had Fluid Mechanics exam...which was a nightmare at 10 in the morning...

OCT was better. Like never before in my life, i studied for a full day. May be tht's the difference tht i could see in the xam....i was not able to answer even 1 question completely.... and i was not sure about those i have answered....

this was never my position in an exam. Earlier, i used to atleast understand what i write. today was hopeless.
It all started with the question paper. I think it was set by our professor who knows us pretty well. It appeared as if he knew what questions we were expecting and soooo didn't ask any of those.

So i had to answer all those about which i only had a vague idea.
Had to gather all my general knowledge(write everything u know, need not be relevant) to answer them.

Thus today was all shit......., perffect bullshit
Adding to this, we had to wait for an hour for a bus. that too wasn't a direct bus. So had to change another bus.

All over, it took me about 3 hrs to reach home after writing the exam.All the time, either waiting for the bus in the hot 1 o' clock sun or had to stay compressed between two heavily sweating souls....
that was becoz all the buses were crowded.

Among all this frustration, i reached my home at 4 in the evnng.
Climbed three floors and fell on the door to open it only to find there's no one at home.
Had to go down to watchman and get the keys and again climb back to enter my sweet home

It is soooo sweet because the sweetest and the cuuutest creature on this earth always lives in it.....that's my pet Sona.....

that was the end of "operation ranjith" meant to devastate me.

'cause, as soon as i entered, sona came wagging her tail and licked all over my face to relieve me off the frustration.

I could find all my joy in her curious eyes.

Now neither the Fluid shit nor the paper setter nor the Sun nor the two sweating souls can take me away from this comfort......

Now after having a lonnng and reeefreshing bath, i sit here to write all this...

Apr 11, 2007

writing for me


at last, started a new blog for my writing my experiences and not "my views" (which u can hav a look in

it almost took me three months to write my first blog. the trouble in writing was nothing actually....

and then it took me one more month to start this one.

as of now i have nothing in my mind to write.

Having nothin in my mind is totally because of the Organic Chemical Technology examination tht i wrote recently.
Had to study a loot without exaclty knowing what it is....

most of the time had to byheart (batti...)

as i have nothin in my mind(mind, not head) at present, i'll stop writing for now......

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