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Jun 28, 2007

Adventurous journey


visiting Tirupathi again. We are leaving today by train.
this reminds me of our last visit.
It was raining just like today, we were totally 20.
Old, middle ages, teenage and children all mixed up.
10 of us come from the same apartment. We have all reached the railway station 1/2 an hour early.
the train was already there, we all boarded it and made ourselves comfortable.
we had an old couple with us.
they sat inside the train and all others were standing outside waiting for the others to was still raining heavily, so we were standing under the roof, rubbing our hands, totally covered with raincoats and sweaters inside....unbearably cool it was.

Two of us were having coffee....instead of drinking, we were wrapping our hands around the cups most of the time.
Amongst all this, we had no clue of where the others are.
No one was lifting their mobile.

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