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Jun 13, 2007

my coin collection

i opened my coin collection again after may be some 5 months.....

that's pretty a very long time for someone who used to open it every hour.

very rarely i'm opening my collection these days. Reasons could be various.
First thing is there are no friends in my new college who collect coins so that i could be exchanging them.

Once i have entered engineering, suddenly i found many other things that can be done, so lost time for hobbies....... new friends and lots of places and occasions to freak out with them....

amongst all this, i just used to open the collection to see whether it's still present.

While i was collecting them with enthusiasm and interest(some 4yrs back), I used to be able to say everything about every coin and currency note in my collection....

details ranged from it's denomination, the country, names of the personalities on them....

One thing i definitely learned from them are Arabic Numericals

here are some pics of My Collection :
(i) Asian currency Notes and Coins

this pic (i) shows all the Asian currency i have....the bottom most note belongs to JORDAN and is 10 DINARS.

the top most is CHINA and is 5 YUAN...just now, found that it's an older version.
top right-inclined one, with a bearded face is the 100 RIYALS of OMAN.

there are old INDIAN notes beneath all these...there are many 1 RUPEE and 2 RUPEE notes. There are many INDIAN coins also..... about them in the next pic...

(ii) Very OLD INDIAN coins

these are the oldest INDIAN coins that i have got

about all other coins that i have in the next post....
I'll be including currency of Nations from other continents(other than Asia)

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Anonymous said...

hi, good to see your lovely collections. i am shiva frm hydbad. i have been collecting conins and stamps for a few yrs now. i am very intrested to buy or exchange old indian currency notes. if u r interested, pl do mail me to thnks and good luck to u.

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