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Jul 28, 2008

one thing done... :-):-)

i come online for some other reason but always end up creating a new post or drafting one to finish in future :-) an irresistible zeal to express myself i hope!! :-)

however i'm very very very happy, that GRE is DONE(!!!!) successfully... can't express my shock(not surprise, for sure) when i saw my score on the display screen on the test day.... really happy that i did soooooo well i waited for some time and then messaged all near and dear ones... and the response was overwhelming.. all of them called up and one dialogue in common was 

"inkenti mamaaaaaaaa..... Kummmesaaaav.." then 
"party ivvakapooothe ******** beep beep beep, beep, beep beep beep"... 
"come to college 2moro with money"....

well, the testing environment was not that friendly.... i should've taken TOEFL first to understand what the staff was talking... not at all comprehensible!!(GRE effect :-))

the AWA section was ok.. i did it well, awaiting it's results. But, the verbal section went like a flash, don't remember a word out of those 30 minutes...

then it was quants... i was pretty conscious at least in this case... but time was not sufficient. There were seven questions remaining, but not enough time(just 1 minute remaining)... i had to hurry(to the power of infinity) and hasten(again GRE effect).. at that point, i was in the midst of a Data Interpretation sum... From then i'm hating DI!!!

Well, amongst all this prattle, babble, jabber, gabble, twaddle or whatever you call it(again), i forgot telling my score... it's 1380... happy to share this with you :)

the next day i went to KRUPA sir, he was in the class then, Baba asked me to get in and sit inside the class... i knew i disturbed the class but went and sat inside... then Baba announced loudly that "Ranjith got 1380" and then told to sir "Sir, Ranjith got 1380"... I was embarassed... wanted to shout "DUUUUUUUUDE 1380 IS NOT THAT A GREAT SCORE.. NOW STOP ITTT"... Krupa sir already was calling me onto the stage... i was panicking and totally trembling(really, my legs were trembling) and i gave an extempore, with few jokes in between... Dunno how those 15 minutes passed.. But in the end got a very big round of applause... again i was happy... 

Now, i should end this cause 2moro morning, early in the morning 8, i have Infosys placement... Didn't get through even the Aptitude of CTS.. ok now i need to check some papers of previous Infosys papers...

in btw, watch the pics and other posts on this blog to have more fun... Signing off "Ranjith, CBIT".. this is the way how our CAPI ma'am ends her class sometimes.... :-)

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