you can find the world in a person's diary who thinks He's the world

Nov 11, 2010


Oh, I see vivid dreams of my street,
the journeys I had,
laughter with friends

The place
where every moment assured joy worth a lifetime
An ocean of a billion people

The place
where hundred tongues communicate with each other
thousand religions coexist

hours slipped thinking,
hours slipped wondering

thinking of my country
of the diversity, 
my people,
my anthem, which I sung everyday at school.
of the very space filled with air
and supported by land
where my heart lies

Wish I was capable of expressing the consciousness of blood jetting through my body

I sat reading those news!
those attractive and dubious headlines,
which didn't matter, cause
at some degree, they were describing India

I had no idea for how long,
I gazed at the Indian map
what does a map mean to me?
I'm not sure!
but the happiness it bestows is immeasurable

I read the anthem,
I sang it aloud

I read the national song,
and sang it aloud..
was I standing then? did I care?

I painted India!
I read Jammu and Kahsmir,
I typed Bihar,
Everything about her seemed so beautiful
I was haplessly in love
I was infatuated,
I wanted to touch India!

Another intense occurrence of ardor to pursue something!

the perfect blue jeans

have been buying blue jeans for some time now
always anticipating one of them to be it

seen all kinds of shades
but nothing seems to be perfect
I think I know the shade
but I'm sure, I cannot recognize it!

I wouldn't know even if I bought it,
until, in some random photo
in some random gathering
on some random landscape
I see myself wearing it and think
oh yes, this is it.

Nov 6, 2010


We'll generate energy first and then change the materials we use. We will pull everyone away from crisis. clear goal. clear methods. clear results. perfect! everything's clear. Is everyone clear?

Nov 4, 2010

dynamic Identity

Progression of the drawing on my tablet

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