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Sep 28, 2009

like a Brinjal

When I thought I'd prepare something diiferent from the everyday Dal and potato, I saw this Brinjal in the refrigerator. It's called Egg Plant(how i got to know is another long story!) here.

Well, I would've never been able to cook it whole.. it was large! so, i chopped it and then put some oil in the pan and put these chopped egg plant(s!!!) into the pan.

Now, what's going on? They started absorbing all the oil I put! I didn't expect that!

(thinking no one told me about brinjal absorbing oil while frying since childhood) I kept adding more oil until they can absorb no more.

Some time later, the pieces started shrinking and desorption of oil started (undergrad in chemical engg.). i didn't expect this either. Now, I started removing oil.. by dipping a cloth into it and washing the cloth immediately and repeating all this.

The oil was hot and it was a lot!
The situation went bad!!

But then I started admiring Brinjal. It's like they're giving back whatever they have taken. It's like they are returning back everything they've ever taken.
Then I thought, if at all I get to speak in public and have to describe someone who's done lots of work for the society, i would say "He gave back to the society everything he took from it, He's like a BRINJAL to our society."

But then, it'll sound weird.

I'll have to explain them my brinjal story. Which would sound weirder!!

Guess how'll it be like if I said "He is like an Egg Plant to the society!!!"


Well, it's around 4 in the evening now, I have got THREEE[!!! 8-( ] classes tomorrow and then I've to start doing all those homeworks and that's why I'm online..!!!!!!! and this is waaaht I'm doin!!!!!!!!!! aaaw!

Sep 20, 2009


well, my recent posts have been a loot different from earlier!! and have been of a completely different mood!!! self sacrifice... sorry... self review!! well, u need not worry about this... keep reading...

Life's beautiful

Night before VISA 1 interview

- I shut down the system imediately after I thought I should

Evening after the VISA 1 interview (on the road)

- Everyone were honking and I thought they were all doing it at me, knowing I got rejected!!

People who got rejected over something must know how it feels!! I cannot explain it to others!
No idea how i got over that!!! Life's beautiful.. :)

***or is life too fast?****

Sep 7, 2009


thought i'd pen down my first cooking experiences! that's such an important thing that has started in life!! for me ofcourse!!
don't feel like! glurrbubbb!!! what theee!!!! 

Sep 6, 2009


You find yourself walking on concrete floor,

Either left or right, it's all concrete again,

you wonder what place it is!

You check behind you, and you find giants walking,

not walking, but almost running,

Then you see forward and find b-h-ea-eautiful women everywhere,

Now you really wonder what place this could be!!!

Neither left nor right...
Not forward, not backwards,

You look upwards,

to find blue between the buildings, the sky,

The sky in which there's a plane every minute

uhh ooh!! wake up bro, open your eyes now, you were dreaming of New York City.

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