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Sep 20, 2008

Final semester already finalised!!!

yesterday, our project guides for 4th year were chosen... project guides are staff who'll guide us and our project all through the last sem... so, it's pretty important to get a nice project guide, otherwise your final sem is "gone"...

I've been praying all through not to be under one guide... and thank GOD i was not.. i was under another faculty member... I was pretty sad initially cause that sir is strict... but later i realized He's one of the best faculty available and I'll get a chance to do a very good project and finish it properly and I'm very happy now for that...///

Forgetting about 4-2 now, i was thinking why people around us keep changing!! i know change is the only thing constant... but was still pondering upon that issue...

To change the direction of a huge flowing River, there has to go in immense effort and pain... It doesn't happen just like that... to change direction, immense effort and pain are required... It's not easy otherwise to change a river's direction... The stones used to the flow of water may feel discomfort and curse the change in direction but they would not recognize the real reason behind the change.///

Now if we substitute the River to be one's personality, and the change in it's direction to be the change in one's behavior, we can understand that changes in persons doesn't happen without cause or without undergoing pain... and lots of effort...

So, it'll be absurd to just keep blaming someone if they changed instead of understanding the reason behind and without understanding the pain... Most people think only about the discomfort caused to them and not about the reason behind the other person..

And if a person thinks he has changed within no time and without much painstaking then he's not been living his original life.. he has been living someone else's life, copying them or imitating them//// and hasn't really changed!

Sep 17, 2008


I haven't started even preparing my SOP or recommendation letters..

I feel lazy...damn damn damn lazy... do u know what's it like to move your fingers after having a loong afternoon sleep on a sunny day?? I'm feeling like that every moment these days..

And today went back to good old days... intermediate days... listening to music day and night and watching animal planet... and listening to LUCKY ALI... we're lucky to have such an artist.. such soul rendering music and such pure voice.. and awesome lyrics. all through my intermediate days i used to listen only to him.. enjoying cool evenings and rocking life at college.

well when I was a child, I wanted to be a teen
with all energy and enthusiasm and enough power and freedom,
not that I had any less freedom in childhood,
but one can understand the limitations of children.
Don't go out alone, Don't talk to strangers, Don't eat outside...
Wanted to grow "big" and tease people.

when I was in teenage, wanted to become an adult, earn money, spend it, have a girl friend..

Now I'm an adult according to Indian jurisdiction
I can marry and the courts cannot do anything about it!!
I'm no more a teenager, cannot do mischief!!!
No more a child! mom asks me to eat on my own!!

I'm near my dream of earning.. I'm right behind the door to start flying across the winds..
I'm very very near to all those I've dreamt
But, very far away from my innocence..

World looked better when i was a child..
it appeared much smaller, but much better..

Now i see world in it's different dimensions.
and I cannot still try to be innocent..
If that happens, I'll be called IGNORANT

maybe that's why "IGNORANCE IS BLISS"!!!!

Sep 10, 2008


Today the big bang experiment was conducted in the border of France- Switzerland... I think every1 of us know this.. and we also know NOW that there's no harm because of it to the Humankind or indeed our lovely lonely planet...

So, leave it... But what about yesterday?? Whaaaaaat abooouuut YESTERRRRDAYYY??

yesterday it was all havoc(without violence but... to say exaaaclty with lots of excitement)

Ya, it was full of excitement yesterday!! I dunno how it was worldwide, but a group of people traveling back home from college in an old(dokku) bus near langarhouse were having lots and lots of fun..

Every1 wild with excitement that every1's gonna "DIE" tomorrow... that small group was ours...

"THE CHANDINI GUYS" as i mentioned in earlier posts... it was us...

i wanted to tell every1 "you're gonna die dude, not win any million dollar prize!!!!"

But, didn't wanted to spoil the mood.. not actually spoil the moood, but they all didn't want a spoiled joke :-)(kullu joke)

By the way i'm attending some calls... soo will stop this post here

Sep 8, 2008

Bunking and blogging!!!

these days I've been only reading, reading, reading and re-reading my earlier posts...
found soo many grammatical mistakes, but had to control my temptation to correct them, to retain the originality in my posts..

Rain...... yes, it's raining.. and that has what has made me post this..

And what a song it is to listen now.... "Sab ka katega" by Bodhi Tree, band of students of XLRI, jamshedpur. simply awesome...

4th year..... ya, 4th year blues have become common amongst my classmates these days... every1's worried whether they'll ever get back this life... Knowing the answer, they still are worried.. maybe not in the confusion whther these days will come back, but maybe how to live without friends... To be honest, it has not been great bonding amongst our class, but bonding has been surely there..

Because it's raining, i'm expecting a power cut now!! this will someday in my life remind me the conditions we have now... maybe one day when me and my surroundings will all forget POWER CUTS, maybe that day we'll all wonder how could a Power cut be possible in "those"(these) days, that too in a metropolitan..

Ya, Hyderabad is a metropolitan, what difference does it make?? the population will increase at a faster rate, but it happens unseen by common man.. Traffic will increase which will, supported by Hyderabad's roads increase trafficjams... but the increase is gradual and the crowd gets used to it day by day... and someday feel he's waiting(wasting) the same amount of time in traffic jams that he used to an year ago...

The climate has been as it has to be in September proabably after many years... I don't remember september being soo hot and humid during days!! And heavy downpours in the night. Recently there was some record rainfall!!!

And listen to this... Our city's traffic during nights have fallen down to less than half it used to be 2 weeks ago... Guesses go well here... Rains, traffic.

Thanks to MCH(dunno what's it called now after Hyderabad has become "greater Hydbad"). They have succeeded in reducing traffic on Hyderabad's roads. They've made possible which could not be achieved by hours of media campaiging.

Media is definitely having it's best time in India... Earlier there never used to be soo much of market for it due to lack of TVs in households and in future also it'll not have market due to lack of interest i guess...

But neverthless, some advertisements are thought provoking... Times Of India campaign(TOI) for example.. Great minds inspire greater minds... like mine :-) he he

Oh shit... Well, now i realised i've been damn serious all this while... ok ok ok ok.... let's get back to normal.. It's not my problem if the above passage or whatever didn't appear serious..

Ok now, i cannot delete all that... let it be..
The best experiences in my life at CBIT mostly were in the 4th year starting, when we played cricket like hell... bonding was everywheeeeere... we're expecting more bonding by playing some more cricket and some other sports..

IN INDIA, SOME OTHER sports!!!!!

Well that has been the case few months ago... but the scene has totally changed mind you... Sania Mirza was one who turned all heads towards her.. Leave her game...

And then Narayan Karthikeyan and all.. Vijay Malya entering F1 as FORCE INDIA and soo many things did make Indians think about other games...

But the China Olympics turned everything way round... Abhinav Bindra started it... Recently i read about Gagan Narang, how he missssed the final round... Otherwise another medal would have been puccaaad(guaranteed)...

And then it was the Boxing Champs who did it all.. public started enquiring about the match schedules and wathced them... Guess when, when India was touring Sri lamks for a test and oneday series...

Well, let's stop it here.. i have to write (actually finish) my records... Didn't submit it till now... and bunked the lab today again... I got a phone call in the afternoon implying i'll be ducked 2moro in college...

I bunked to finish records... see what i'm doing!!!

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