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Sep 10, 2008


Today the big bang experiment was conducted in the border of France- Switzerland... I think every1 of us know this.. and we also know NOW that there's no harm because of it to the Humankind or indeed our lovely lonely planet...

So, leave it... But what about yesterday?? Whaaaaaat abooouuut YESTERRRRDAYYY??

yesterday it was all havoc(without violence but... to say exaaaclty with lots of excitement)

Ya, it was full of excitement yesterday!! I dunno how it was worldwide, but a group of people traveling back home from college in an old(dokku) bus near langarhouse were having lots and lots of fun..

Every1 wild with excitement that every1's gonna "DIE" tomorrow... that small group was ours...

"THE CHANDINI GUYS" as i mentioned in earlier posts... it was us...

i wanted to tell every1 "you're gonna die dude, not win any million dollar prize!!!!"

But, didn't wanted to spoil the mood.. not actually spoil the moood, but they all didn't want a spoiled joke :-)(kullu joke)

By the way i'm attending some calls... soo will stop this post here

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Venky said...

mama....that would be really a kullu joke..hahahhahahaha...arvind laga chesthaventi ra

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