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Sep 17, 2008


I haven't started even preparing my SOP or recommendation letters..

I feel lazy...damn damn damn lazy... do u know what's it like to move your fingers after having a loong afternoon sleep on a sunny day?? I'm feeling like that every moment these days..

And today went back to good old days... intermediate days... listening to music day and night and watching animal planet... and listening to LUCKY ALI... we're lucky to have such an artist.. such soul rendering music and such pure voice.. and awesome lyrics. all through my intermediate days i used to listen only to him.. enjoying cool evenings and rocking life at college.

well when I was a child, I wanted to be a teen
with all energy and enthusiasm and enough power and freedom,
not that I had any less freedom in childhood,
but one can understand the limitations of children.
Don't go out alone, Don't talk to strangers, Don't eat outside...
Wanted to grow "big" and tease people.

when I was in teenage, wanted to become an adult, earn money, spend it, have a girl friend..

Now I'm an adult according to Indian jurisdiction
I can marry and the courts cannot do anything about it!!
I'm no more a teenager, cannot do mischief!!!
No more a child! mom asks me to eat on my own!!

I'm near my dream of earning.. I'm right behind the door to start flying across the winds..
I'm very very near to all those I've dreamt
But, very far away from my innocence..

World looked better when i was a child..
it appeared much smaller, but much better..

Now i see world in it's different dimensions.
and I cannot still try to be innocent..
If that happens, I'll be called IGNORANT

maybe that's why "IGNORANCE IS BLISS"!!!!


Sunny Depp said...

nice post...:)
guess what... even i am a huge fan of LUCKY ALI. missing him these days...:( any clue...what happened to him ?

Ranjith said...

Iksoi supposed to be relaeased last year!!! noo news abt it on net! one frnd of lucky ali whom i know on orkut says he's working on some project! as of now we'll havta be contempt with his "aahistha aahistha" from bachna

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