you can find the world in a person's diary who thinks He's the world

Nov 9, 2011


From Julie Gonzalez's album Cruise Pics. Captured from Oceanus on Gulf of Mexico in 2010

There I was, on a saturday morning,
after a night during which, I slept sober with wonder of no sort, on how far I was from the nearest human settlement!
A thousand nautical miles, it might be or perhaps more!

I had no alcohol that weekend
but was still swinging and swaying
on the Oceanus
with promises i would
"not go hungry, happen what may"

I was staring at the sky,
lying on iron
that can float on water,
with taste buds on my eyes,
beautiful colours over the gulf of mexico
and travelling amidst
winds with voice
Oh, its an year now or perhaps more!

Aug 28, 2011


అమరత్వానికి అమృతం అక్కర్లేదు, దేవుడు ఎక్కడో కాదు, నీలోనే ఉన్నాడన్న అవగాహన చాలు


What Others think?
shouldn't matter!

After all,
life is a game you play with yourself

Rest are all audience,
they go home once the game's over
they go home, whatever the result is

It is a quality of the intelligent but unwise to appropriate imprudence to others


Looking for differences?
you can divide this world into 7 billion individuals or even more

Count the similarities,
it was and will always be one world
from my comment on Absent Minds, kept scooping my mind

its always people 
and about people.

In this vast world, however 
some people get too impatient 
and arrogant to call their interests the "best"
some go further and call 
everything else "worthless", 
some go even further 
and try to change others' minds/interests!

I wanted to add
It is one of the duties of Time to prove people wrong
and she's always at work


While enjoying some personal space with the landscape near Chapora Fort in Goa, during our second visit

Whenever I was at crossroads
I always stood there alone, with no hint on where to go

The wind wouldn't blow East-West to indicate the direction of my next step
Sun would stand right on top of me, giving no advice.
My shadow would not even attempt to point.
No termite mounds aligned North-South,
Just a person at the end of each path,
they all look like me

Jul 12, 2011

Absent Minds

what are the stars,
the blue skies and the moon?
those vast oceans
and snow mountains?

the sunset and sunrise?
what are they, if there was none to surmise?
who'd care if
they're in or out of constellations?
or whether
they're imaginations of creations!

their importance, grandeur or existence
were never worth in life's absence!
While observing fellow Indians tramp along this beach near Thiruvananthapuram enjoying its beauty
Imagine beaches with no foot prints
no crab, snail or turtle trails.
Neither corals, celebrating the shallows
nor any fish, illuminating those depths!
And there never existed a mind to imagine this!

Jun 27, 2011

up above

Inspiration is always above you
I find it in the sky
amidst those shades of blue

Jun 21, 2011

Life is a round bottom flask

This was my undergrad solution to WORLD PEACE

click on the image to enlarge

May 19, 2011

it's us babe, and sadly for them, us includes me

they thought we were dead, but despite the fact that we were limping, we rose!

the title could be a total rajnikanth dialogue! He's in an ICU by the way!

Mar 31, 2011


I want
to throw a stone,
Not into the Air,
at something, not any better visible!
and check
how far it reaches,
with, all my efforts in it

Mar 8, 2011

last few days in India

don't remember anything now! should have atleast hinted myself. I'm spoiling all the drafts!!

How to become a poet

finishing up drafts!

Title: How to become a poet

You don't have to BECOME something or someone!

but yeah, found this
watch until 5: 55

Feb 13, 2011


Captured from a 1x0.25m balcony in which I sat until 2.30 am that night staring at the open sky and my laptop screen, actively killing mosquitoes, Chennai
stagnant wind
humid atmosphere
sweating neck
slightly itchy
often exasperation

rare breeze
shrieking school children,
calm otherwise

Feb 11, 2011

confused Creator

A narrow view of the world,
looked at, through his lenses,
and disability
at smelling inconvenience.

He had time for colours,
but not enough space for
an eye and two ears.

Jan 3, 2011

Around India in 90 days

Back to the place
where black is a colour
and not a race!

and where
language is enough
to draw borders!

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