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Feb 11, 2011

confused Creator

A narrow view of the world,
looked at, through his lenses,
and disability
at smelling inconvenience.

He had time for colours,
but not enough space for
an eye and two ears.


\/ said...

probably create started with an idea to just create.
And somewhere in the the process tried to add some lotion of logic to it ?

Ranjith said...

when the work he was doing continuously for some months now brimmed, he opened his previous paintings. His obsession with human faces suddenly ebbed and that's why and when he started this.

the background was a human face, he had to smudge it/disperse it cause it made no sense, once he smudged it he was looking at another human face, but to put this different from other paintings, he covered the space with part of (just) an opened mouth. This is the point where he knew what he was about to do :)

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