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Jun 10, 2008

GRE next

Hi..... very loong time naaa..?

just 2 weeks ago, i said to myself.. "you should post regularly on your blog"

"but what to do!!! circumstances dude!! keeping me away from posting"

not an exaggeration, it's true. one such thing is GRE!!

i'm attempting it this 19th.... my future depends upon those few hours. My Dad's serious about fee waiver. so i'll HAVE to stay back if i don't secure proper score!!!!

i want to come online, but suddenly gre rushes into my mind. Hope, you're not about, to think that i'll immediately go start memorizing words.... No. No No NOOOOOOO

i'm NOT doing that.... and that's y i'm feeling guilty to come online....
not touching books is "directly proportional" to not coming online....

quants seems to be easy.. but verbal is not. It's more than difficult

by the way, june till now has been great... it brought hyderabad pleasant breezes.. enjoying them at present. Dunno what they'll feel like once i fail in GRE!!!

By the way, there are no fail marks in GRE i heard... but i dunno. I might inspire them to open that feature.

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