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Feb 27, 2009

wanna wanna wanna

want to write something
But nothing much to be shared

All bad things
bad thoughts
Nothing can put my spirit down for long
same with those above

Friends keep expecting
but fail to expect what we are expecting

when I'm in this mood, I cannot write poetry
cause I'm not a poet
Not a natural...

So some time else.. buhbyeee.... well it's getting better and better every day for me... "IT" is Hell...

Feb 14, 2009

few things

"white hair is a sign of age, not wisdom" :-)

Fortune called MOM
having some one,
someone thinking of us all the time,
some one waiting for us round the clock,
some one waiting for our word all day,
a person whose topic to talk is always us 
is such a great fortune...

Candle-lit dinner
What a night It'll be..
A night with your beloved..
How romantic the dinner would be..
A Dinner, supposed to fill your heart and not stomach..
Candle light, dimmed amidst those sparkling eyes..

you're out with the day's work..
Spirit seems heavier than the body

you fall onto the sofa..
fingers complain to move

mom asks whether you want something to eat
you make a great effort to find you don't want to utter a word

your brain suffocates to think
you're no better than dead for the day..

you need this elixir of life

If you're a painter, a white paper will enliven you
blood will flood your veins
and your presence will fill the space...

noooru velllla bettadam ika mee vanthu.. :-O

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

eee sari meee vanthu gaaa, chevulu koosesukondi... ntr acting chusi, kallu podichesukondi... aaaaahaa...

Feb 9, 2009


A speck of fear

A sense of belonging

Enough of isolation

A Flood of thoughts

A pinch of perplexion

A touch of dexterity

A change in direction

A gush of surprise that I'M thinking so much about so many things!!

No feeling or expression related to one another
Each of them arouse out of different situations
different people
different issues...

On some issues, I had to stop thinking
and on others, I had to start at least now...

Not ready for somethings... have to get ready for the others..

Feb 6, 2009

I know

I suddenly woke up...
Saw around to find darkness everywhere..
But not, at that opening of the curtain
It's a full moon I knew

The iron door started creaking as I touched it
No pigeons flew at that sound
No one was alerted at that jerk
It was sleeping time

I entered the terrace, disturbing the silence.
I could feel the light everywhere,
the breeze on my ears
and the cold around my chest



A warm presence

It was not the moon, gloomy and dull
Nor the stars, devoid of light
Neither the wind, nor the walls

I felt a warm presence
that which has brought me here, searching
My assurance of company

I sat in a corner, intrigued, wondering

Some disturbance at the other corner,
where light was dominated by darkness

A disturbance

I Knew She Was Here,
waiting for me,
smiling at her success at intriguing me once again,
blushing as I was nearing.

I knew she liked me,
I knew she'd come for me.

I knew, a few more steps will reveal
Her, defeating the darkness
A few more steps,
A pause,
A Gaze at the moon,
then the stars

A moist look at the floor,
then the iron door.


I Still can see that night
and sense that warm presence
just like I see these words
and like I sense this paper.

I thought she was here
I only thought..

Feb 2, 2009


didn't meet my project head today on the account of playing cricket for the department. I just came to know that I'm out of the cricket team, now I will have to meet him tomorrow. So, gotta finish lots of stuff now!

Other than this, waiting for replies from universities. 
My effort is put, 
waiting for the output.

Have a good group of friends who know each other and support each other.Arvind, Shashi, Venkatesh and Me.
Three of us

I like spoiling pictures

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