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Feb 2, 2009


didn't meet my project head today on the account of playing cricket for the department. I just came to know that I'm out of the cricket team, now I will have to meet him tomorrow. So, gotta finish lots of stuff now!

Other than this, waiting for replies from universities. 
My effort is put, 
waiting for the output.

Have a good group of friends who know each other and support each other.Arvind, Shashi, Venkatesh and Me.
Three of us

I like spoiling pictures


Zephyr said...

No, it wasn't spamming. Definitely not as bad as some of the automatic comments that we get on these blogs sometimes! haha.

but yeah, i know what u mean about growing up. time just seems to be slipping through our fingers... *sigh*

But I guess growing up has its advantages too... Kinda still doubtful bout that, but I rly want to believe that it does. lol.

Nice reading ur blog. U have some good stuff goin on here. A mix of personal entries and good poetic writings. :-)

Ranjith said...

thank you very much...
but what was that?? "not as bad as some of the automatic comments"!!! lol :-)

growing up!! I don't want to so soon.. he he

by the way, I'm a fan of your blog :-)

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