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Oct 30, 2008

Opposite Poles

the past 2 days, soo many thoughts or a mixture of feelings have been just flowing around... 
in the gaze of my eyes,
and reach of my hands...

But my hands not willing to grip them
or even touch them

And my eyes reluctant to watch them!!!

Good ones flying away, without giving any hints
and leaving the space for bad ones...
some getting stuck inside and some just leaving making no sense or warning!!!

No idea whether this is because of the rejection of facts!!
Or is it the intersection of poles!!!??

Feelings and thoughts
Heart and Mind!!


Oct 26, 2008


last night, as soon as i entered my room, i closed all the windows and the door.

But it was still cold... i closed them all becaaause it was cold, and even after doin that it was cold...
thought i got some cold fever because of those sick exams!!

early in the morning when i woke up(around 10, that's early in vacation guys), my lips were looking like a tree's bark!!!

this time i got the clue... it's winter.. it has arrived again... as soon as the rainy left?

No no.. it was some time since it rained here in hyderabad! So quite some gap or a hiatus!

Huhh! due to lack of work, i was reading a blog till now and becuase of the high level english used
there, i'm at loss of words... all the while i was trying to use such english and couldn't write more than 5 lines like that... So forget it...

Well it has been damn damn laazy today... 2nd day after exams... first day we went to a movie.. but cannot continue that all through vacation...

I feel absurd to call it a vacation... one week is never a vacation in between semesters dear Osmania...

But it's the loongest we got i guess! for 2nd yr we got some 3 days... in which one was sunday!!

same for the next sems tooo...

At present it's cool outisde, and i'm sitting inside my room with all windows shut!!
my brain has been shut to all external stimuli since morning...
And i remember last december when my friend was asking for AC in exaactly these conditions.. it's stuppid first of all and then this AC thing shuts you off from your surroundings...

i feel this every time AC's on! And while traveling toh it's more absurd!!

Right from childhood.. I used to feel WTF... but just that i didn't know that word then!
it's like just being in a room and moving to somewhere else... u just don't get to know about the outside! It's not required to... but even then!!!

and today slept like a log all afternoon... aaah.. woow... how refreshing it was!! had this pleasure after a loong time... i like my school days for this reason surely.. used to have looong vacations and looong afternoon sleeps! :-)

have been only only only reading blogs all day! many were good...
some were more self centered than my blogs were...

i think it's better i stop it here... I'm just typing words.. with no direction.. as said earlier with all digressions!!! as usual.. but thing is I'm not interested this time..

However winter has come... clear skies, cool winds... bringing us fresh ideas and super cool feelings and experiences... :-)

looking forward for them... :-)

and ya, yesterday's case(accident one)

she escapes from the accident case.. it's turned onto their driver.. police now say their driver after dropping that girl at the college caused this accident while returning back home!!


well, the father is dead... and son severely hurt!

Oct 4, 2008


post's title is not 1.. it's "i"...

after suggesting a friend to read my blog, i thought of reading it myself to direct him to the best ones directly... while reading all those posts, i realized i use I, I, I, I soo many times... all the posts completely revolve around me.. my thoughts... my feelings... my frustrations... my mood swings... my love... my hatred.... my deeds... my poems..... everything mine...

well, i shouldn't have been so egoistic... is that right?? or is it egotistic??
whatever it is, i shouldn't have been soo self centred... But what to do, only now have i observed that.. well i can try now onwards to concentrate less upon me..

What shall i concentrate upon then?

Shall i write about my friends?!! huh?? should I?? that's again about me... No?? (no? is a question)//

shall i write about the sky? about the weather? or about politics? No//

about books or film and music reviews??

There are already many blogs about them and many people writing about them...!!

SO what to write about now??? Lemme choose a topic on which no one has ever written or even thought to write...

Something no one even know much to write about....

What could that be??
I can think of only one such topic and that's "ME".. No one knows me better than myself and no one has written about me TILL NOW...

So,:-) I 'll not concentrate upon things people already know

Let THEM know me now... and this is it... when the blog itself is meant to be written about me, I wouldn't be writing about something else

So, this blog will as usually have My thoughts... My feelings... My poems.. and all that... aaall that, that's related to me.. that i can relate to...

Now you know what I'm trying to explain... Even if, you too find the posts being completely about me, u need not worry... or get to conclusions..

Have Fun..

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