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Oct 4, 2008


post's title is not 1.. it's "i"...

after suggesting a friend to read my blog, i thought of reading it myself to direct him to the best ones directly... while reading all those posts, i realized i use I, I, I, I soo many times... all the posts completely revolve around me.. my thoughts... my feelings... my frustrations... my mood swings... my love... my hatred.... my deeds... my poems..... everything mine...

well, i shouldn't have been so egoistic... is that right?? or is it egotistic??
whatever it is, i shouldn't have been soo self centred... But what to do, only now have i observed that.. well i can try now onwards to concentrate less upon me..

What shall i concentrate upon then?

Shall i write about my friends?!! huh?? should I?? that's again about me... No?? (no? is a question)//

shall i write about the sky? about the weather? or about politics? No//

about books or film and music reviews??

There are already many blogs about them and many people writing about them...!!

SO what to write about now??? Lemme choose a topic on which no one has ever written or even thought to write...

Something no one even know much to write about....

What could that be??
I can think of only one such topic and that's "ME".. No one knows me better than myself and no one has written about me TILL NOW...

So,:-) I 'll not concentrate upon things people already know

Let THEM know me now... and this is it... when the blog itself is meant to be written about me, I wouldn't be writing about something else

So, this blog will as usually have My thoughts... My feelings... My poems.. and all that... aaall that, that's related to me.. that i can relate to...

Now you know what I'm trying to explain... Even if, you too find the posts being completely about me, u need not worry... or get to conclusions..

Have Fun..

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