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Sep 20, 2008

Final semester already finalised!!!

yesterday, our project guides for 4th year were chosen... project guides are staff who'll guide us and our project all through the last sem... so, it's pretty important to get a nice project guide, otherwise your final sem is "gone"...

I've been praying all through not to be under one guide... and thank GOD i was not.. i was under another faculty member... I was pretty sad initially cause that sir is strict... but later i realized He's one of the best faculty available and I'll get a chance to do a very good project and finish it properly and I'm very happy now for that...///

Forgetting about 4-2 now, i was thinking why people around us keep changing!! i know change is the only thing constant... but was still pondering upon that issue...

To change the direction of a huge flowing River, there has to go in immense effort and pain... It doesn't happen just like that... to change direction, immense effort and pain are required... It's not easy otherwise to change a river's direction... The stones used to the flow of water may feel discomfort and curse the change in direction but they would not recognize the real reason behind the change.///

Now if we substitute the River to be one's personality, and the change in it's direction to be the change in one's behavior, we can understand that changes in persons doesn't happen without cause or without undergoing pain... and lots of effort...

So, it'll be absurd to just keep blaming someone if they changed instead of understanding the reason behind and without understanding the pain... Most people think only about the discomfort caused to them and not about the reason behind the other person..

And if a person thinks he has changed within no time and without much painstaking then he's not been living his original life.. he has been living someone else's life, copying them or imitating them//// and hasn't really changed!

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