you can find the world in a person's diary who thinks He's the world

Nov 9, 2011


From Julie Gonzalez's album Cruise Pics. Captured from Oceanus on Gulf of Mexico in 2010

There I was, on a saturday morning,
after a night during which, I slept sober with wonder of no sort, on how far I was from the nearest human settlement!
A thousand nautical miles, it might be or perhaps more!

I had no alcohol that weekend
but was still swinging and swaying
on the Oceanus
with promises i would
"not go hungry, happen what may"

I was staring at the sky,
lying on iron
that can float on water,
with taste buds on my eyes,
beautiful colours over the gulf of mexico
and travelling amidst
winds with voice
Oh, its an year now or perhaps more!

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