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Nov 26, 2008

A cold night, pet and a cool girl.

Sona comes wagging her tail and sits besides me... reminding me to take her out walking.
Good that at least she remembers. I wouldn't have.

I say "good girl.. and soo cute" and i kiss her, and take out the chain... Suddenly she becomes lively, playful, jumping all around and barking. It's such a joy to watch her like that.

Then i tie the chain around her neck and she's ready. Before going, i check my phone once for a message I was awaiting since long and I leave the phone in my room. So that I'll not have to accept that I was waiting for that message.

We came onto the road. It's just a small street. On one end, it's main road and the other end pretty far, that we don't even care about it. It was calm except from some rumble on the main road when some automobile passed. Every home was adding to this silence. No one watching late night soaps!! Maybe because it's winter, and people would love to get under their cozy bedsheets as early as possible..

The street lights are working!, glimmering their bright golden yellow light on us and a gentle winter breeze.. That was the setting. I was watching my shadow wax and wane as we were both walking between street lights. She was busy sniffing around. She suddenly gets all this energy that her movements become very fast and brisk. Any other time, she doesn't even move her tail even when she sees a stranger.
That's sona, lazy grandma and that's our street with those bright sodium lamps

All the time(since we shifted to this street), I dreamt of (OR) I've been expecting a "BEAUTIFUL" girl (stress on "beau" with an "h" sound) to walkby this road. A girl, who with her charm can make the street lights dull and inferior. A girl who can make the street walls fall down to her feet. One who can upload herself automatically into our thoughts and later dreams.

I expected she will not be wearing jeans, cause girls look bold in jeans but not beautiful most of the times. To look beautiful, they have to wear Indian dresses. It's the punjabi dress/ chudidhar! One of them. The one with chunni.

Suddenly i realize I'm loooking upwards into the sky. I could've bluffed I was watching those coconuts, ifff it was daylight. But it is 11.30 p.m. and good that sona remembered "walking" at least now.

I was warding her off from sniffing everywhere, speaking to her (one way however). I was again watching my shadow, checking my walking style.

Then suddenly at a distance down the road, I saw a girl. I could identify her, The Girl I'm expecting on this road since 8yrs!! E-i-i-i-i-ght loooong years of my teenage.. that's however bygone.

She was wearing a white chudidhar/punjabi dress or whatever, O-o-o-n the whole, she was beautiful. She saw me too, staring at her. She was walking with her head down. Her hair occasionally falling onto her eyes and she was setting it right with her finger tips. But breeze was strong enough to keep her finger tips busy.

A Graceful walking style. Felt like she was floating on wind. Her chunni, with some kind of beads at both ends was almost reaching the ground, giving her a grandeur look. She was walking.

I thought I'd sleep after reaching home. Now I don't think I can sleep. :-D I could see the street lights getting dimmer. As though they're incapable of standing a chance to her charm. I could hear the walls creaking. Maybe they'll now fall at her feet!!!!!

I felt unfortunate that I couldn't see from which apartment she suddenly flung onto the street. I was busy watching my shadows.

But I knew I'm fortunate to be in this situation. Full street. No other soul. Eternal Silence. She, walking towards me. I mean I'm on the road and she was walking on it.

I knew I had to talk to her. Talk something. Some shit... Oh no... Not shit.. Something meaningful and something which can show off all my talents and smartness at once. In just few words. I'd've finished my sop if given then.

Was searching for such a sentence that I could make a reverberating effect on her. Digging deep inside my mind, in vain. My throat was jammed. It's cold outside. But that's not the reason. I'd've given a speech at that time if this girl was not on the scene. Sooo many things just flooding. In the process, eroding my brain. Not much was left in the end to think of something outstanding to blow her mind.

But, I knew I had to talk. I felt she knew too that I'll talk.. She was fast approaching now. I could see her face clearly. Eyes were magnificient. I thought I'd even act stupid or dumb to make her smile and watch her smile, gleefully. I wanted to make some disturbance.

She was approaching and my mind was retreating. or rather it was my heart that was retreating, into the narrowest of corners. It doesn't want to expose it's incapability to make her smile. Just one smile.

If GOD suddenly appeared and granted me a wish, I'd've asked for bliss and He'd've gifted me with her smile.

I didn't know how'll she look if she smiled. But knew It'll be marvellous.

She was almost there. Just a few feet away. I was ready........ I was ready with nothing. With nothing to speak.

But, I was ready to speak. A faint "Hey.." escaped my lungs.

By the time it took a distinct form, she took a diversion. Entered an apartment complex. I was almost about to speak to her... And what's thisss???? Why only noww?? Shud have I stood a few feet ahead?? I could've spoken to her. Should have I released the Hey few moments earlier?? Should I now follow her into the complex??

Now, she's gone. All these floods and damage, who'll repair them??

I was now gazing down the road with disappointment. Utter disappointment..

Was it??? Nooo... not complete disappointment.

A slight smile arouse from my lips... It became a bigger one.. And then it spread wider. I was standing there smiling.... Gleefully :-D.. All my teeth outside.

I saw her smiling.. Yeah, right... I could see her smile. ;-)

As though she observed my disappointment, she gave a mild smile while taking her turn. :-):-)

Now, comeon.. It's just the 3rd apartment from mine that she entered. Where we play cricket regualry... :-):-):-)

5+5+1+1= tan 90 x {love + innocence}

i was at a "hot chips" point and then a 10 yr entered the shop..

"Uncle, do you have 1 rupee chocolates?"

shopkeeper : "yes"

the child had some change with him.. he was holding it in both his hands.. I guessed he was carrying so much change in his hands all the way from his home. I imagined a cute looking boy, walking towards me, watching not the road but the buildings and walls, despite which aware of the coins in his palms.

He started counting the change, that too, in his hands.. Head bent.. He counted slowly and silently.

very seriously, "uncle, 12 rupees. Give 12 chocolates. 5 for me, 5 for my brother"

shopkeeper: that is only 10 babu.... should i give only ten?

"Nooooo.. 12... 5 for me, 5 for my brother"

smiling, "one for my daddy and one for my mummy" :-)

With a cute, innocent smile

Nov 25, 2008

some things to be understood/realized/remembered/all three

few observations during these days I've not been blogging!

  1. Most of the times, we need not do things to show we repect our parents and more imporatantly, that we LOVE them. But, we must show these things whenever possible.. if possible, everytime. After all, in the end these are the only two people who'll like to see us much above they are/were.
  2. Most of the times it may be REQUIRED that we show our hatred towards most of the people around us.. that we don't give a damn to them... But never do that.
  3. Never get into debates. If u get into one, never allow your opposition to win (Exception: ur loved ones, doesn't matter even if you're defeated).

Nov 18, 2008

Guess I should add some pics in my next posts...!
and return back to that joyous writing instead of that in the last 2 or 3 posts!! and readers, if u get bored with those 2 0r 3, don't "close window", but click "older posts" instead.. inside, it's different!

Nov 16, 2008

A path of chances

walking with both hands in my pockets n looking down the road, not really watching every step... most of them carelessly laid.. thinking about the future.... uninterested in the present... long forgotten past...

I was walking to a meat shop around 6 to buy some meat for sona(my pet)... Winters, it's getting darker earlier than usual... I stopped having meat.. but haven't stopped visiting the meat shop for the rest of my family... every time i visit it, my decision of becoming a vegetarian is more strongly justified... and every time i visit, it seems more sensible... more meaningful...

That fellow said.. come back in half an hour... I'll put it ready for you...

I nodded and thought of going back home... But then that'll be third time I'll go home without taking it.. I kept forgetting it all morning... I thought I'll go somewhere else... Not just that i want to go home with meat... But, I just didn't want to go home..

I started walking... cross roads... n i obviously took the less trodden path.. that was just another moment when i remembered Robert Frost and his poem "Stopping by woods on a snowy evening" in which he encourages one to take the less trodden path.. This step of mine is no near to that poem or to its spirit... This is no great adventure, taking that path.. But now, i'm used to taking unusual decisions and unusual ways...

Thinking about my statement of purpose which i thought I'll finish today and didn't even touch it.. and thinking about the road, wet and dirty because of rain... Haaa.. Rain :-) i guess this is what has made me active and is making me write all this...

All day long it was a good feeling of clouds above and chilling winds... When i woke up at 11, i thought it was still 7.. i was about to sleep again thinking it's very early... and saw my mom doing pooja.. "Tea", I mumbled.. She stopped pooja and started scolding me for soo shamelessly asking for tea without brushing... she's not yet used to it... :-):-) We friends did this all the time we were out of station and during combined studies :-)

I was carried away by these thoughts and could afford to have a little smile... but then i was back again on to the road... I could see few girls.. But couldn't find anything which i wanted... They were infront of my eyes...But, behind my eyes, in my mind, I could see only one girl. These were all just normal and boring....

A faint doubt "Why am I here(on this world)?" disturbed my thoughts like the intermittent wind.. This thought or doubt arises pretty often and that's when i become slightly philosophical like now... and people become philosophical when they're alone.. And that's my exact position.

All this while i was walking through this unknown road ( I knew the road I entered.. but surely don't know this place where I'm right now) I didn't notice where i was going... Strangely the road was straight all this while i guess and I just followed it... It seemed like I walked for a long time now, i thought I would return back.. But again I wanted to see where the road ends... Guessing it has been straight all along, I wanted to see where the road ended... I resumed walking..

The surrounding seemed familiar... Just like any other calm colony.. I felt there could be no youngsters around.. Then I came across a hostel for intermediate students.. I could relate to myself 5 years ago... And another thought that "there could be some guys in here who are not really interested in cracking IIT JEE, but here because their parents and their their relatives want him to"!!!!!

The boom in Education industry in Hyderabad came as a boon to Real Estate and to ambitious parents... This boom later on brought many IT companies to Hyderabad. But it has been unfortunate for most of the 8th, 9th and 10th standard students... And now a days even to 5th, 6th and 7th... They spend time attending "EXTRA" classes. Is there a need that a 14yr old should get up early in the morning 5!! or else miss his teenage in the form of evening classes??

This thwarting still in my head, I remembered the longest walk I ever had to my Home.. It was right from Ravindra Bharathi to my home!!!!! That was when we went to watch one of my friend's program. By the time we reached, they were waiting to bid adieu.. The program was over long back and they were waiting at the gate for us. So, they left.. and I was left too.. Alone.

Searched my pockets, i had money :-) yeah... Most of the times I'm forgetting to carry money!! thought I'll take a bus home.. Waited nearly an half hour! No buses... :-)
"it should be surprising if we got one... ain't it??" that's what people say.. But never was it that way for me.. First time now.

"Auto??? Hmmm... Nooo... Let me walk till the next bus stop.." was going in my mind.
It will however be the same bus i'll take, whether this stop or the next! But just like today, that day also I wanted to walk..

Started... Reached the next stop pretty quickly as compared to the time, I'm gonna spend next. Then it occured "Why don't I walk home! From here!!!!!"

Was sitting in the stop, now got up and started walking again... The first few metres were well and fine... I was walking briskly. Then it started "How long??"

After some more time "How much more??" I was searching for an auto.. when i found one and he approached me, I was "I'm already half way.. let's finish it off, walking itself".

Then every moment from then seemed to stretch to infinity.. some seemed like they're gonna stay forever.. Could find nothing more.. All this while, i was talking to myself, no one to accompany!

"Huhh... you talked a lot to yourSELF.. enough now.. take an auto"

"Can't you see?? you're almost home... Why an auto noww?? You should've done that earlier"

"stop it noww.... " that was the third ME

ALL of us however agreed with the 2nd...

The rest was quick again... But, Ravindra Bharathi to home is quite a long distance!!

This way, i was doing unusual things all this while... unpredictable with myself..

UNPREDICTABLE it was, All the time. This journey!

It has always been a path of chances rather than a path of choices..

I guess that the other one, the path of choices would have been boring and uninteresting...!

I didn't know this post will become this long 'a tiring story' when I started it!!

Not predicted!

Nov 15, 2008

Sampath's village

Sampath called me the before day, asking me "rey will u come to Appannapalle?? I'm going now".

"Now!! Hmm.... I'll come 2moro raa.. is that ok?"

"yaa... but come fast so that we all can meet"

"Who ALL???!!??"

"Now actually 7 of us are going there raa... They'll leave 2moro... soo come early 2moro... catch the first train"

"yeah sure raa... byee... have fun"

Morning... As usual late.. now I'll not get that first train... Brother dropped me at Imliban(bus stop)

Found a bus.. Not NON STOP.

I don't like children when they're grown enough that they're no more innocent!!

And i came across two children crying annoyingly.. these two guys were beyond that age and I heard them on the platform itself.

Searched a nice seat away from these two. The bus started. Even before it left the bus stand, few people waved hands and it stopped. Then again after 5 minutes, some other waved and it stopped. Few more minutes passed and again and again and again it stopped.

By the grace of the heavens, we could cross Hyderabad that day!! then again one father waved. The mother and child followed him into the bus... Now I could have known names of all, even the smallest  of villages between Hyderabad and Appannapalle if this family didn't occupy the space beside me.

They were standing. Son became a burden and mother asked help.. A
sked me help. I looked at the father.. He was looking outside the window.. I looked at the old man on my other side.. He would have shouted "take him... why you looking at me" if his mouth wasn't full of Pan Parag!

I took him... He's also beyond THAT age.. He felt hungry and started crying... I felt angry but couldn't do anything!!
His mom wasn't giving him his lolly pop! And he was crying crying and dancing on me... i thought I'm gonna scream now and the bus stopped again... 

Few more people in and fortunately that old couple besides me got up.. I moved to the window and those 2 empty were occupied by that family. That boy was still crying. He cried cried and cried until his mouth dried up and he fell asleep. 
She was happy. Happy was the father too... Happiest was me. 

This way i was heading towards my childhood memories. TO my home place.. Where i was not born... Neither brought up nor even lived. It was where I always felt like at Home. 

I was there after 3 hours.. Every1 waiting for my company for breakfast. I was waiting to see that place.. My Home.. That farm of my uncle's where I had the best of moments... Where we chased lambs, where we played till we got hurt, where we fed chicks till they were fed up of us!, where we spent evenings until night came, where we played in wet mud, where we felt HOME.

Where our sister lay Burried deep under, under these many years of losing and missing her, these many years of experiences!

The rest of the time went by superbly. Need not mention it If i say that It was all with friends. Friends... :-)

Visited "Pillala Marri"in Mahabubnagar, a Giant Banyan Tree. Here are those pics..>>
But everything has changed. There was not a tree we spent our time under.

When I lived in Mahabubnagar, we all wanted it to develop. People were awaiting development. It came.. I left the town. And after seven years I don't find people there any Happier than we children were then!!!!

Oct 30, 2008

Opposite Poles

the past 2 days, soo many thoughts or a mixture of feelings have been just flowing around... 
in the gaze of my eyes,
and reach of my hands...

But my hands not willing to grip them
or even touch them

And my eyes reluctant to watch them!!!

Good ones flying away, without giving any hints
and leaving the space for bad ones...
some getting stuck inside and some just leaving making no sense or warning!!!

No idea whether this is because of the rejection of facts!!
Or is it the intersection of poles!!!??

Feelings and thoughts
Heart and Mind!!


Oct 26, 2008


last night, as soon as i entered my room, i closed all the windows and the door.

But it was still cold... i closed them all becaaause it was cold, and even after doin that it was cold...
thought i got some cold fever because of those sick exams!!

early in the morning when i woke up(around 10, that's early in vacation guys), my lips were looking like a tree's bark!!!

this time i got the clue... it's winter.. it has arrived again... as soon as the rainy left?

No no.. it was some time since it rained here in hyderabad! So quite some gap or a hiatus!

Huhh! due to lack of work, i was reading a blog till now and becuase of the high level english used
there, i'm at loss of words... all the while i was trying to use such english and couldn't write more than 5 lines like that... So forget it...

Well it has been damn damn laazy today... 2nd day after exams... first day we went to a movie.. but cannot continue that all through vacation...

I feel absurd to call it a vacation... one week is never a vacation in between semesters dear Osmania...

But it's the loongest we got i guess! for 2nd yr we got some 3 days... in which one was sunday!!

same for the next sems tooo...

At present it's cool outisde, and i'm sitting inside my room with all windows shut!!
my brain has been shut to all external stimuli since morning...
And i remember last december when my friend was asking for AC in exaactly these conditions.. it's stuppid first of all and then this AC thing shuts you off from your surroundings...

i feel this every time AC's on! And while traveling toh it's more absurd!!

Right from childhood.. I used to feel WTF... but just that i didn't know that word then!
it's like just being in a room and moving to somewhere else... u just don't get to know about the outside! It's not required to... but even then!!!

and today slept like a log all afternoon... aaah.. woow... how refreshing it was!! had this pleasure after a loong time... i like my school days for this reason surely.. used to have looong vacations and looong afternoon sleeps! :-)

have been only only only reading blogs all day! many were good...
some were more self centered than my blogs were...

i think it's better i stop it here... I'm just typing words.. with no direction.. as said earlier with all digressions!!! as usual.. but thing is I'm not interested this time..

However winter has come... clear skies, cool winds... bringing us fresh ideas and super cool feelings and experiences... :-)

looking forward for them... :-)

and ya, yesterday's case(accident one)

she escapes from the accident case.. it's turned onto their driver.. police now say their driver after dropping that girl at the college caused this accident while returning back home!!


well, the father is dead... and son severely hurt!

Oct 4, 2008


post's title is not 1.. it's "i"...

after suggesting a friend to read my blog, i thought of reading it myself to direct him to the best ones directly... while reading all those posts, i realized i use I, I, I, I soo many times... all the posts completely revolve around me.. my thoughts... my feelings... my frustrations... my mood swings... my love... my hatred.... my deeds... my poems..... everything mine...

well, i shouldn't have been so egoistic... is that right?? or is it egotistic??
whatever it is, i shouldn't have been soo self centred... But what to do, only now have i observed that.. well i can try now onwards to concentrate less upon me..

What shall i concentrate upon then?

Shall i write about my friends?!! huh?? should I?? that's again about me... No?? (no? is a question)//

shall i write about the sky? about the weather? or about politics? No//

about books or film and music reviews??

There are already many blogs about them and many people writing about them...!!

SO what to write about now??? Lemme choose a topic on which no one has ever written or even thought to write...

Something no one even know much to write about....

What could that be??
I can think of only one such topic and that's "ME".. No one knows me better than myself and no one has written about me TILL NOW...

So,:-) I 'll not concentrate upon things people already know

Let THEM know me now... and this is it... when the blog itself is meant to be written about me, I wouldn't be writing about something else

So, this blog will as usually have My thoughts... My feelings... My poems.. and all that... aaall that, that's related to me.. that i can relate to...

Now you know what I'm trying to explain... Even if, you too find the posts being completely about me, u need not worry... or get to conclusions..

Have Fun..

Sep 20, 2008

Final semester already finalised!!!

yesterday, our project guides for 4th year were chosen... project guides are staff who'll guide us and our project all through the last sem... so, it's pretty important to get a nice project guide, otherwise your final sem is "gone"...

I've been praying all through not to be under one guide... and thank GOD i was not.. i was under another faculty member... I was pretty sad initially cause that sir is strict... but later i realized He's one of the best faculty available and I'll get a chance to do a very good project and finish it properly and I'm very happy now for that...///

Forgetting about 4-2 now, i was thinking why people around us keep changing!! i know change is the only thing constant... but was still pondering upon that issue...

To change the direction of a huge flowing River, there has to go in immense effort and pain... It doesn't happen just like that... to change direction, immense effort and pain are required... It's not easy otherwise to change a river's direction... The stones used to the flow of water may feel discomfort and curse the change in direction but they would not recognize the real reason behind the change.///

Now if we substitute the River to be one's personality, and the change in it's direction to be the change in one's behavior, we can understand that changes in persons doesn't happen without cause or without undergoing pain... and lots of effort...

So, it'll be absurd to just keep blaming someone if they changed instead of understanding the reason behind and without understanding the pain... Most people think only about the discomfort caused to them and not about the reason behind the other person..

And if a person thinks he has changed within no time and without much painstaking then he's not been living his original life.. he has been living someone else's life, copying them or imitating them//// and hasn't really changed!

Sep 17, 2008


I haven't started even preparing my SOP or recommendation letters..

I feel lazy...damn damn damn lazy... do u know what's it like to move your fingers after having a loong afternoon sleep on a sunny day?? I'm feeling like that every moment these days..

And today went back to good old days... intermediate days... listening to music day and night and watching animal planet... and listening to LUCKY ALI... we're lucky to have such an artist.. such soul rendering music and such pure voice.. and awesome lyrics. all through my intermediate days i used to listen only to him.. enjoying cool evenings and rocking life at college.

well when I was a child, I wanted to be a teen
with all energy and enthusiasm and enough power and freedom,
not that I had any less freedom in childhood,
but one can understand the limitations of children.
Don't go out alone, Don't talk to strangers, Don't eat outside...
Wanted to grow "big" and tease people.

when I was in teenage, wanted to become an adult, earn money, spend it, have a girl friend..

Now I'm an adult according to Indian jurisdiction
I can marry and the courts cannot do anything about it!!
I'm no more a teenager, cannot do mischief!!!
No more a child! mom asks me to eat on my own!!

I'm near my dream of earning.. I'm right behind the door to start flying across the winds..
I'm very very near to all those I've dreamt
But, very far away from my innocence..

World looked better when i was a child..
it appeared much smaller, but much better..

Now i see world in it's different dimensions.
and I cannot still try to be innocent..
If that happens, I'll be called IGNORANT

maybe that's why "IGNORANCE IS BLISS"!!!!

Sep 10, 2008


Today the big bang experiment was conducted in the border of France- Switzerland... I think every1 of us know this.. and we also know NOW that there's no harm because of it to the Humankind or indeed our lovely lonely planet...

So, leave it... But what about yesterday?? Whaaaaaat abooouuut YESTERRRRDAYYY??

yesterday it was all havoc(without violence but... to say exaaaclty with lots of excitement)

Ya, it was full of excitement yesterday!! I dunno how it was worldwide, but a group of people traveling back home from college in an old(dokku) bus near langarhouse were having lots and lots of fun..

Every1 wild with excitement that every1's gonna "DIE" tomorrow... that small group was ours...

"THE CHANDINI GUYS" as i mentioned in earlier posts... it was us...

i wanted to tell every1 "you're gonna die dude, not win any million dollar prize!!!!"

But, didn't wanted to spoil the mood.. not actually spoil the moood, but they all didn't want a spoiled joke :-)(kullu joke)

By the way i'm attending some calls... soo will stop this post here

Sep 8, 2008

Bunking and blogging!!!

these days I've been only reading, reading, reading and re-reading my earlier posts...
found soo many grammatical mistakes, but had to control my temptation to correct them, to retain the originality in my posts..

Rain...... yes, it's raining.. and that has what has made me post this..

And what a song it is to listen now.... "Sab ka katega" by Bodhi Tree, band of students of XLRI, jamshedpur. simply awesome...

4th year..... ya, 4th year blues have become common amongst my classmates these days... every1's worried whether they'll ever get back this life... Knowing the answer, they still are worried.. maybe not in the confusion whther these days will come back, but maybe how to live without friends... To be honest, it has not been great bonding amongst our class, but bonding has been surely there..

Because it's raining, i'm expecting a power cut now!! this will someday in my life remind me the conditions we have now... maybe one day when me and my surroundings will all forget POWER CUTS, maybe that day we'll all wonder how could a Power cut be possible in "those"(these) days, that too in a metropolitan..

Ya, Hyderabad is a metropolitan, what difference does it make?? the population will increase at a faster rate, but it happens unseen by common man.. Traffic will increase which will, supported by Hyderabad's roads increase trafficjams... but the increase is gradual and the crowd gets used to it day by day... and someday feel he's waiting(wasting) the same amount of time in traffic jams that he used to an year ago...

The climate has been as it has to be in September proabably after many years... I don't remember september being soo hot and humid during days!! And heavy downpours in the night. Recently there was some record rainfall!!!

And listen to this... Our city's traffic during nights have fallen down to less than half it used to be 2 weeks ago... Guesses go well here... Rains, traffic.

Thanks to MCH(dunno what's it called now after Hyderabad has become "greater Hydbad"). They have succeeded in reducing traffic on Hyderabad's roads. They've made possible which could not be achieved by hours of media campaiging.

Media is definitely having it's best time in India... Earlier there never used to be soo much of market for it due to lack of TVs in households and in future also it'll not have market due to lack of interest i guess...

But neverthless, some advertisements are thought provoking... Times Of India campaign(TOI) for example.. Great minds inspire greater minds... like mine :-) he he

Oh shit... Well, now i realised i've been damn serious all this while... ok ok ok ok.... let's get back to normal.. It's not my problem if the above passage or whatever didn't appear serious..

Ok now, i cannot delete all that... let it be..
The best experiences in my life at CBIT mostly were in the 4th year starting, when we played cricket like hell... bonding was everywheeeeere... we're expecting more bonding by playing some more cricket and some other sports..

IN INDIA, SOME OTHER sports!!!!!

Well that has been the case few months ago... but the scene has totally changed mind you... Sania Mirza was one who turned all heads towards her.. Leave her game...

And then Narayan Karthikeyan and all.. Vijay Malya entering F1 as FORCE INDIA and soo many things did make Indians think about other games...

But the China Olympics turned everything way round... Abhinav Bindra started it... Recently i read about Gagan Narang, how he missssed the final round... Otherwise another medal would have been puccaaad(guaranteed)...

And then it was the Boxing Champs who did it all.. public started enquiring about the match schedules and wathced them... Guess when, when India was touring Sri lamks for a test and oneday series...

Well, let's stop it here.. i have to write (actually finish) my records... Didn't submit it till now... and bunked the lab today again... I got a phone call in the afternoon implying i'll be ducked 2moro in college...

I bunked to finish records... see what i'm doing!!!

Aug 14, 2008


U know what?

I'm typing this as soon as I've reached home from college... at 6.30... i directly approached my system, switched it on on logged onto my blog to share the following : (effect of writing too much notes!!!)

it was a burdensome journey back home.. started at 4.15 and reached at 6.30... what?? where's your college??!!

It was always a one hour wonderful journey(kidding guys, chill)

By the way something good happened during this time... i saw "five pt. someone" with my friend and borrowed it and finished the second half of it... While giving the book, he said "Read from 'the longest day of my life' chapter" with a crooked smile... The image the book has and the smile hinted me something... i too began page 165 with a crooked smile... ha ha ha :-D

It's mentioned about 'operation pendulum' in the first para of the chapter and my friend again smiled back to me saying "Aa, aaaa.. continue", again smiling crookkkedly. Those of u who's read it already will understand what i mean but for those who haven't got so lucky, it's just spending some special time with his girl friend to obtain the keys of his department's HOD's room.. His girl friend is his HOD's daughter...

Well the story apart, the novel has been an "eye opener" (not a soft/hot drink opener, but an eye opener in the sense that it has widened my vision!! and i many times regret for translating Telugu directly into English, but it's wokay...)

As usual i digressed(got deviated) from why i started this post and already typed lotsssa shitt (oops, sorry twaddle, not shit)

The day has been dizzy today(what crap? days becoming dizzy!!) BUT YAAAA.. IT HAS BEEN DIZZY...

I used to think I'm a nice staircase climber(who's not?? what big deal if you're not??)
ya ya, coming to the point, i fell down climbing stairs today in my block... when all my juniors were watching!! embarrassing it was... but like every1 else, i helped my selves and got up and climbed the remaining stairs with a "I'm not a Dumbo, I'm not a Dumbo" kinda grin... All others around also giggled back at me... i found people who normally act as if not looking at me also smiling at me, as if a condolence... or as if i climbed Mt. Kanchenjunga(Everest is casual n usual n hackneyed n banal n commonplace n cliched n trite.. GRE, GRE.. don't worry).

Then i sat in the bus staring at it's roof(!!! what???). An age old bus ours is.. By the nickname CHANDINI, it's pretty famous in our college. And we guys traveling in this bus collectively call ourselves "CHANDINI GUYS".. does it remind any of u of the soothing 'Chandini raatein' song?? this chandini guys terminology is unknown to the college, but our 'travel In charge' knows it pretty well.. We're known for mischief.

By the way i missed one fact... Chandini is the only 'only boys' bus in our college.. we were punished this way for our mischief.

ya while i was looking at the roof, i found one li'l electric bulb abut(adjacent to) another similar bulb.. I feel my readers should gain 'at leeeast' vocabulary for doing me the favor of reading... The right way of saying it is : i found 2 li'l electrical bulbs. That's it... then i found the 5 pt.some1 and passed my time...

Whereas my bus mates were constantly getting in and out of the bus as it was standing still at various traffic jams and were having fun.. i too was having fun (come on, reading can also be fun).

Then i reached home, i was hungry when in the bus, but now after reaching home, i don't want to eat anything...
Lost hunger..
Don't feel like sitting at one place..
Don't feel like talking to mom or brother...
Don't feel like even smelling a flower..
Don't even feel like listening to music...

What's Happenninggg???

My mind is dizzying..

Jul 28, 2008

one thing done... :-):-)

i come online for some other reason but always end up creating a new post or drafting one to finish in future :-) an irresistible zeal to express myself i hope!! :-)

however i'm very very very happy, that GRE is DONE(!!!!) successfully... can't express my shock(not surprise, for sure) when i saw my score on the display screen on the test day.... really happy that i did soooooo well i waited for some time and then messaged all near and dear ones... and the response was overwhelming.. all of them called up and one dialogue in common was 

"inkenti mamaaaaaaaa..... Kummmesaaaav.." then 
"party ivvakapooothe ******** beep beep beep, beep, beep beep beep"... 
"come to college 2moro with money"....

well, the testing environment was not that friendly.... i should've taken TOEFL first to understand what the staff was talking... not at all comprehensible!!(GRE effect :-))

the AWA section was ok.. i did it well, awaiting it's results. But, the verbal section went like a flash, don't remember a word out of those 30 minutes...

then it was quants... i was pretty conscious at least in this case... but time was not sufficient. There were seven questions remaining, but not enough time(just 1 minute remaining)... i had to hurry(to the power of infinity) and hasten(again GRE effect).. at that point, i was in the midst of a Data Interpretation sum... From then i'm hating DI!!!

Well, amongst all this prattle, babble, jabber, gabble, twaddle or whatever you call it(again), i forgot telling my score... it's 1380... happy to share this with you :)

the next day i went to KRUPA sir, he was in the class then, Baba asked me to get in and sit inside the class... i knew i disturbed the class but went and sat inside... then Baba announced loudly that "Ranjith got 1380" and then told to sir "Sir, Ranjith got 1380"... I was embarassed... wanted to shout "DUUUUUUUUDE 1380 IS NOT THAT A GREAT SCORE.. NOW STOP ITTT"... Krupa sir already was calling me onto the stage... i was panicking and totally trembling(really, my legs were trembling) and i gave an extempore, with few jokes in between... Dunno how those 15 minutes passed.. But in the end got a very big round of applause... again i was happy... 

Now, i should end this cause 2moro morning, early in the morning 8, i have Infosys placement... Didn't get through even the Aptitude of CTS.. ok now i need to check some papers of previous Infosys papers...

in btw, watch the pics and other posts on this blog to have more fun... Signing off "Ranjith, CBIT".. this is the way how our CAPI ma'am ends her class sometimes.... :-)

Jun 10, 2008

GRE next

Hi..... very loong time naaa..?

just 2 weeks ago, i said to myself.. "you should post regularly on your blog"

"but what to do!!! circumstances dude!! keeping me away from posting"

not an exaggeration, it's true. one such thing is GRE!!

i'm attempting it this 19th.... my future depends upon those few hours. My Dad's serious about fee waiver. so i'll HAVE to stay back if i don't secure proper score!!!!

i want to come online, but suddenly gre rushes into my mind. Hope, you're not about, to think that i'll immediately go start memorizing words.... No. No No NOOOOOOO

i'm NOT doing that.... and that's y i'm feeling guilty to come online....
not touching books is "directly proportional" to not coming online....

quants seems to be easy.. but verbal is not. It's more than difficult

by the way, june till now has been great... it brought hyderabad pleasant breezes.. enjoying them at present. Dunno what they'll feel like once i fail in GRE!!!

By the way, there are no fail marks in GRE i heard... but i dunno. I might inspire them to open that feature.

Apr 4, 2008

__i_n_d_u_s_t_r_i_a_l___ t_o_u_r_!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when we first got the discussion of Industrial visit in our class for this semester vacation, the response was ok ok !! and i thought it'll gradually increase as the last date approaches...
And after meeting the tours and travels people and after discussing everything, to get the best tour for my friends for summer, we chose north India to be ideal...

The tour cost was considerably cheaper and the tour plan is more relieving than other trips available.

and it took more time and more time and more of my preparation time for exams than expected, to decide upon the final-final-final tour and departure dates...
And as the last date to finalize the reservations approached, only 25 ppl turned up out of 68!!!!

It was definitely not encouraging. doubts?

well, it was disgusting

The next year's gonna be the last year for all of us together...

For most of us, it's gonna be the last year as a student!!!
We will no more be students after this one yeaR!! ( I STILL cAN't BELIEVE this!!!)

We can never bunk classes to hang out at the canteen together or play basket ball
we can no more comment and laugh in the classes TOGETHERR..

reason for writing this title like this is clearly audible!!! it's not gonna HAPPPPENNNNNN!!!!

the tour's not gonna happen with this turn up of 25 cause it'll obviously increase the amount each has to pay.

THIS seems to be the tendency of the world...
the world is tending towards separation, nucleation
People want to get divided and live..
People want to fight..
they want just one reason to hit the other person.

we are living in huge buildings
but our hearts are in choking small rooms.

or we've ourselves built walls all around each one of us
put our heart and soul in freezers to avoid melting to others' problems

On the whole, ppl don't want to do something or meet some1 or talk to some1 if that doesn't worth their VALUABLE time!!
they can better stare at the skies in that time, chances are they may find a new planet!!!
which will some way help ISRO
all other things they generally do in their valuable time not worth anything more than gazing at the Sun to find a sunspot

well I'm not here to suggest our city's population how to waste their valuable time..\\\

FORGOT.. you may be wondering why was i sooo bothered about industrial tour...
I'm one of the tour Incharges...

Todays' exam (CRE external) was bad... aaargh.
I might get a backlog even before i have fully enjoyed my "all clear" regime... just recently i was all clear.. not anymore

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