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Nov 15, 2008

Sampath's village

Sampath called me the before day, asking me "rey will u come to Appannapalle?? I'm going now".

"Now!! Hmm.... I'll come 2moro raa.. is that ok?"

"yaa... but come fast so that we all can meet"

"Who ALL???!!??"

"Now actually 7 of us are going there raa... They'll leave 2moro... soo come early 2moro... catch the first train"

"yeah sure raa... byee... have fun"

Morning... As usual late.. now I'll not get that first train... Brother dropped me at Imliban(bus stop)

Found a bus.. Not NON STOP.

I don't like children when they're grown enough that they're no more innocent!!

And i came across two children crying annoyingly.. these two guys were beyond that age and I heard them on the platform itself.

Searched a nice seat away from these two. The bus started. Even before it left the bus stand, few people waved hands and it stopped. Then again after 5 minutes, some other waved and it stopped. Few more minutes passed and again and again and again it stopped.

By the grace of the heavens, we could cross Hyderabad that day!! then again one father waved. The mother and child followed him into the bus... Now I could have known names of all, even the smallest  of villages between Hyderabad and Appannapalle if this family didn't occupy the space beside me.

They were standing. Son became a burden and mother asked help.. A
sked me help. I looked at the father.. He was looking outside the window.. I looked at the old man on my other side.. He would have shouted "take him... why you looking at me" if his mouth wasn't full of Pan Parag!

I took him... He's also beyond THAT age.. He felt hungry and started crying... I felt angry but couldn't do anything!!
His mom wasn't giving him his lolly pop! And he was crying crying and dancing on me... i thought I'm gonna scream now and the bus stopped again... 

Few more people in and fortunately that old couple besides me got up.. I moved to the window and those 2 empty were occupied by that family. That boy was still crying. He cried cried and cried until his mouth dried up and he fell asleep. 
She was happy. Happy was the father too... Happiest was me. 

This way i was heading towards my childhood memories. TO my home place.. Where i was not born... Neither brought up nor even lived. It was where I always felt like at Home. 

I was there after 3 hours.. Every1 waiting for my company for breakfast. I was waiting to see that place.. My Home.. That farm of my uncle's where I had the best of moments... Where we chased lambs, where we played till we got hurt, where we fed chicks till they were fed up of us!, where we spent evenings until night came, where we played in wet mud, where we felt HOME.

Where our sister lay Burried deep under, under these many years of losing and missing her, these many years of experiences!

The rest of the time went by superbly. Need not mention it If i say that It was all with friends. Friends... :-)

Visited "Pillala Marri"in Mahabubnagar, a Giant Banyan Tree. Here are those pics..>>
But everything has changed. There was not a tree we spent our time under.

When I lived in Mahabubnagar, we all wanted it to develop. People were awaiting development. It came.. I left the town. And after seven years I don't find people there any Happier than we children were then!!!!

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