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Nov 26, 2008

A cold night, pet and a cool girl.

Sona comes wagging her tail and sits besides me... reminding me to take her out walking.
Good that at least she remembers. I wouldn't have.

I say "good girl.. and soo cute" and i kiss her, and take out the chain... Suddenly she becomes lively, playful, jumping all around and barking. It's such a joy to watch her like that.

Then i tie the chain around her neck and she's ready. Before going, i check my phone once for a message I was awaiting since long and I leave the phone in my room. So that I'll not have to accept that I was waiting for that message.

We came onto the road. It's just a small street. On one end, it's main road and the other end pretty far, that we don't even care about it. It was calm except from some rumble on the main road when some automobile passed. Every home was adding to this silence. No one watching late night soaps!! Maybe because it's winter, and people would love to get under their cozy bedsheets as early as possible..

The street lights are working!, glimmering their bright golden yellow light on us and a gentle winter breeze.. That was the setting. I was watching my shadow wax and wane as we were both walking between street lights. She was busy sniffing around. She suddenly gets all this energy that her movements become very fast and brisk. Any other time, she doesn't even move her tail even when she sees a stranger.
That's sona, lazy grandma and that's our street with those bright sodium lamps

All the time(since we shifted to this street), I dreamt of (OR) I've been expecting a "BEAUTIFUL" girl (stress on "beau" with an "h" sound) to walkby this road. A girl, who with her charm can make the street lights dull and inferior. A girl who can make the street walls fall down to her feet. One who can upload herself automatically into our thoughts and later dreams.

I expected she will not be wearing jeans, cause girls look bold in jeans but not beautiful most of the times. To look beautiful, they have to wear Indian dresses. It's the punjabi dress/ chudidhar! One of them. The one with chunni.

Suddenly i realize I'm loooking upwards into the sky. I could've bluffed I was watching those coconuts, ifff it was daylight. But it is 11.30 p.m. and good that sona remembered "walking" at least now.

I was warding her off from sniffing everywhere, speaking to her (one way however). I was again watching my shadow, checking my walking style.

Then suddenly at a distance down the road, I saw a girl. I could identify her, The Girl I'm expecting on this road since 8yrs!! E-i-i-i-i-ght loooong years of my teenage.. that's however bygone.

She was wearing a white chudidhar/punjabi dress or whatever, O-o-o-n the whole, she was beautiful. She saw me too, staring at her. She was walking with her head down. Her hair occasionally falling onto her eyes and she was setting it right with her finger tips. But breeze was strong enough to keep her finger tips busy.

A Graceful walking style. Felt like she was floating on wind. Her chunni, with some kind of beads at both ends was almost reaching the ground, giving her a grandeur look. She was walking.

I thought I'd sleep after reaching home. Now I don't think I can sleep. :-D I could see the street lights getting dimmer. As though they're incapable of standing a chance to her charm. I could hear the walls creaking. Maybe they'll now fall at her feet!!!!!

I felt unfortunate that I couldn't see from which apartment she suddenly flung onto the street. I was busy watching my shadows.

But I knew I'm fortunate to be in this situation. Full street. No other soul. Eternal Silence. She, walking towards me. I mean I'm on the road and she was walking on it.

I knew I had to talk to her. Talk something. Some shit... Oh no... Not shit.. Something meaningful and something which can show off all my talents and smartness at once. In just few words. I'd've finished my sop if given then.

Was searching for such a sentence that I could make a reverberating effect on her. Digging deep inside my mind, in vain. My throat was jammed. It's cold outside. But that's not the reason. I'd've given a speech at that time if this girl was not on the scene. Sooo many things just flooding. In the process, eroding my brain. Not much was left in the end to think of something outstanding to blow her mind.

But, I knew I had to talk. I felt she knew too that I'll talk.. She was fast approaching now. I could see her face clearly. Eyes were magnificient. I thought I'd even act stupid or dumb to make her smile and watch her smile, gleefully. I wanted to make some disturbance.

She was approaching and my mind was retreating. or rather it was my heart that was retreating, into the narrowest of corners. It doesn't want to expose it's incapability to make her smile. Just one smile.

If GOD suddenly appeared and granted me a wish, I'd've asked for bliss and He'd've gifted me with her smile.

I didn't know how'll she look if she smiled. But knew It'll be marvellous.

She was almost there. Just a few feet away. I was ready........ I was ready with nothing. With nothing to speak.

But, I was ready to speak. A faint "Hey.." escaped my lungs.

By the time it took a distinct form, she took a diversion. Entered an apartment complex. I was almost about to speak to her... And what's thisss???? Why only noww?? Shud have I stood a few feet ahead?? I could've spoken to her. Should have I released the Hey few moments earlier?? Should I now follow her into the complex??

Now, she's gone. All these floods and damage, who'll repair them??

I was now gazing down the road with disappointment. Utter disappointment..

Was it??? Nooo... not complete disappointment.

A slight smile arouse from my lips... It became a bigger one.. And then it spread wider. I was standing there smiling.... Gleefully :-D.. All my teeth outside.

I saw her smiling.. Yeah, right... I could see her smile. ;-)

As though she observed my disappointment, she gave a mild smile while taking her turn. :-):-)

Now, comeon.. It's just the 3rd apartment from mine that she entered. Where we play cricket regualry... :-):-):-)


all different EACH UNIQUE said...

so wat did u do next.???wat hapnd..??

went with sona and found a sonna in yer lyf....

Anonymous said...

arey road meda nadusthu kalalu kanaku ra ........

sana said...

hey!! dat was pretty interesting....but den wat happened next....wish u had written dat too :-)
nywaz,thnks for ur comments on my blog.i appreciate it :-)

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