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Nov 25, 2008

some things to be understood/realized/remembered/all three

few observations during these days I've not been blogging!

  1. Most of the times, we need not do things to show we repect our parents and more imporatantly, that we LOVE them. But, we must show these things whenever possible.. if possible, everytime. After all, in the end these are the only two people who'll like to see us much above they are/were.
  2. Most of the times it may be REQUIRED that we show our hatred towards most of the people around us.. that we don't give a damn to them... But never do that.
  3. Never get into debates. If u get into one, never allow your opposition to win (Exception: ur loved ones, doesn't matter even if you're defeated).


Unknown said...

ha ha nice article

Anonymous said...

hi ra pics chala chala bagunnai really superb.....

Ranjith said...

thankyou raa... but however, i'll give you few links, check them and you'll be spellbound... those pics are just awesome

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