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Aug 28, 2013

370,000 things, even more expectations, and life of young entrepreneurs

As a young person, you are
Expected to meet
Everyone's expectations 
That come with 
You coming of age.

If you want to become the better half of someone's life,
You are expected not to be annoyed,
While trying hard to live up to expectations of half your time,
which might be a little less than what you put into the start-up

As a start-up Founder or Co-Founder, 
You have to do 370,000 number of things,
Which you were never trained to do. 

You probably never even expected 
You would have to do such, 
Learning everything from scratch.

Finding the right staff for 
The work at hand seems to be more daunting 
Than finishing that work yourself.

You will also have to find time for yourself,
To keep your calm,
To keep doing what you are best at, leading
And leading means setting an example to work

You will have to do 370,000 number of things to make money to pay your colleagues and yourself. You will be expected to meet expectations that everyone around you form, while having to find some time for yourself.

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