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Jan 1, 2009

Confessions, a few of them.

the "cold night" post was half fiction :-) confessing this too cause friends started asking me to introduce her. Ha ha... neither does this mean Men are dogs or any such sorts.

I got to mention the Arts Museum in Chandigarh... Fabulous paintings and fabulous everything.... Another confession.. After visiting the museum, I wanted some empty space.. The only thing I wanted was some empty space and colour... I wanted it more than anything that moment... I felt the urge to sleight my hand on anything that seemed empty... Subject and time looked immaterial... I didn't want anything to be single coloured... Let me mention one painting I could not forget 2 years since then... 

"A King with his horse galloping from the top of his fort into the ocean beside, into the dark night sky ready to storm... It was dominantly blue, dark blue... with traces of foamy white at the edges where the fort and the waves of the ocean met and where the lightning struck... The King is a Punjabi, understandable with his long beard and turban.. and the horse looked equally fearless with his king on him waving his sword..."

I can tell you more details cause I still see it.. But I'm conscious about the length of my posts. I want to provide it's picture here.. after quite a lot of searching, I could find only this...
Sobha Singh: Painter of the Divine
This is not the picture I was mentioning, but this is the king(Guru Gobind Singh), who was depicted in almost all of Sobha Singh's paintings... And here's his horse... My observation of the horse is because of my love for animals and specifically pets. And I'll add few pics of our Chgandigarh trip here... Awesome city..

When I'm writing something for others to read, I want them to relate that thing to themselves..

And when i read my earlier post now(after a week or so!) I myself couldnot relate to it... It was pretty "not ME".

In the end, men are MEN.. Indeed gentlemen.. not pups or dogs...

But once again resisting my temptation to vary the post... Let me read it later again and say to myself "YOU're sick SOMETIMES"...

The day I posted the previous article, I was sooopar busy... with some university applications thingyy... And i got that idea and somehow wrote it off... and then later on,(when I was still busy) I found a girl's blog and unintentionally read the first few lines of her posts.. The next thing I remember was the the last page of her blog... It just absorbed me... I was like reading reading and reading. I cannot believe this... The ideas were soo deep.. I was lost searching for their abyss... They meant so many things..!!

Let me confess I want such friends who are always new.. Every day, BRAND NEW
Addition after 878 days
I wouldn't mind friends on meeting whom, I'd be relieved "nothing has changed"

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