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Jan 12, 2009

Life & Liesure

Past few days, I was gloomy and down, majorly because of my project seminar that has happened today... was preparing the slides, procuring information and charts and pictures, drawing the flowsheets, planning the sequence of presentation, using my CORE knowledge.. he he :-) the last one is quite a fantasy.. Really, A FANTASY... I always wanted to use my chemical engineering knowledge in my chemical engineering under graduation... But never got much oppurtunity, rather I lost interest later...

But, however I pulled off my presentation well.. To say exaactly, pretty well.. Happy for that. B-U-T more happy because I suddenly find sooo much time in Life.. Earlier, just felt soo busy. Even now I've got some uncompleted works like mailing my transcripts to the universities, But I feel all the liesure in this world... The word liesure reminds me of a poem we had in our secondary school i guess. Describing how the author wanted to spend his liesure time, watching the countryside and few more such coool things..

Today while coming back home, I had a discussion with my friend on how to spend time.. HOW TO SPEND TIME... it's ridiculous in 4-2 to keep thinking on how to spend time.. We just have soo many thigns to do.. soo many things to be made sure of.. But, what if doing any of these things doesn't give you enough satisfaction and are not enough fun, you feel like "I want more" and in the end get frustrated saying "Life suuuckcksss".. Now, well that is not a strage feeling to most of us. We were both too feeling this same thing...
Then we started discussing what all we can doo to spend time to buy satisfaction :-)

Me: we can paint things... take a canvas and paint whatever possible... creating modern art is very simple..
Hrishi: yeah, but we'll have to do it on the terrace, if we suddenly get josh while painting, the walls will get spoiled.

Me: oooohhh yeah, I get a new idea.. on my terrace, there's a huge tank, whose walls are plain white.. [wild smile :-)]
Hrishi: you'll paint the wall?
Me: yaa.. why not?

Hrishi: we can learn playing some instrument..
Me: Not guitar... don't do that.. soo mmmany people do that
Hrishi: but, that's the most spirited instrument i feel
Me: yaaa.. maybe.. But soo many people do it

Me: or we can create some music sequences on computer

Me: learn some indian instrument
Hrishi: A flute [interrupting him]
Me: we'll be unable to blow[interrupting me]
Hrishi: yaa.. we cannot..

Me: [looking out of the window, towards the rocks] I always wanted to learn sculpture
Hrishi: but that's sooo hard..
Me: [agreeing with him] suppose we are somehow in the final stage of finishing a sculpture and we do something stupid enough to break that part... Done, the whole thing done...
Hrishi: I know

Me: grow some pet... some easily maintainable pet[interrupting me]
Hrishi: i play cricket at home alone.. from today I'll play tournaments.. with 5 teams, and i'll be playing for all teams..
Me: ha ha.. nice idea.. our favorite team will win.. No expectations, not required..

Me: oooorr, write a script for a film.. the best way to pass time..
Hrishi : yaaa, a creative way to pass time and then we'll improve our writing also..
Me: exaaaactly...

Me: we're going to goa tomorrow
Hrishi: ooh, woow.. great... what plans?
Me: going there to waste time.. Really
Hrishi: ??
Me: to waste time... we're gonna roam, sit still watching the waves, gonna go fishing, then one day for the bird sanctuary there, nearby... one night a bon fire... and then a pub one night.. then the casinoo..
Hrishi: aaah.. sounds greaatt...
Me: :-) and then we're gonna do some more things..
Hrishi: yaaaaa :-) i can understand
Me: No nooo.... nothing like that..
Hrishi: thennn??!!!!
Me: nothing like that for sure... we've many other things to look for in goa... gonna be roaming as far as possible...
Hrishi: -------------

Me: then one more objective to be achieved is to have foood as much and as many varieties as possbile.. gonna taste all sea food available there

Me: then visit an island nearby, they're all supposed to be rich of corals... so gonna go snorkelling..
Hrishi: that rocksss...
Me: u also try doing something naaa
Hrishi: I guess nothing's gonna change until we step on american soil
Me: Ummmm... Nooo.. we can change things.. like seee, i've beem touring all semester.. and my attendance is 60 now..
Hrishi: wwhatever,...
Me: [drowsy, dozing off]
Hrishi: are u sleepy??
Me: [trying to get to full consciousness] aaahhmm yaa... no sleep last night.. a night out..
Hrishi: okkkaayyy

After some time... time not accounted in the universe.. i didn't know how much i lost
[I was shaking]
Hrishi: hey woke u up just to say happy pongal.. byee... Happy journey
Me: byee... [as if whispering] same to you..

After some more time... No idea how much
[I felt a mild thump on my head]
Rajeev: annaa, stop vochindi
Me: Appudeeenaaa??
Rajeev: ??!1!!??!?!!?!?! [in his mind... already one hour travel ra babuu]
Me: Chaa... appudeenaa.. ee madhya bus is very early
Rajeev: ??!!??!?!!? [in his mind.. speak in any one language... how can sentences be clubbed??]
Rajeev: langarhouse loo traffic thapputhundi kada manaki

Me: hey ravi, I'm going to goa tomorrow.. want anything??
Ravi: hmm.. Nooo [half asleep]
Ravi: NOW AWAKE, ya ya, if possible get rum...
Me: okkk :-)
Me: yeah definitely..

ok then byee... to you too..

I'm gonna name this post after that childhood poem, which surely taught me how to enjoy life.. with that short piece of literature, i later realized..

"life can be drank more passionately than wine
it's touch can be more intimate than a girl's
and it's invaluable in terms of money
much much much precious than one can imagine"

to have such a life, we'll just have to find one having the intent to enjoy life and also the oppurtunity and then we can both extract the most out of life..

Believe me, "Life's wonderful and amazing.. just have to taste it once, to get this tinge"


Praveena said...

I came to this pg.. from ur comment on my pg..

nice blog.. but samll piece of advice only if u wanna take it..

If u can change the look of this pg and make it more readable..

the first thing that struck me is the look of it rather than the content... so..


Ranjith said...

hey Praveena, I did change the look and that too long back, was just away from my blog and thus late replies! thank you very much for your advise, I might have actually changed it after you mentioned it!

thanks again

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