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Jan 19, 2009


Goa trip has been refreshing... pressure releasing..

What pressure???? the pressure of 6-day week schedule in the final semester..

Today I realized how daring girls can be... Don't want to expand more on it here...

well Goa has beeen real real great.. better call it FREE COUNTRY, rather than GOA..
it was soo very close to nature... and great great great great
look at this, i'm saying the same word all this while.. cause it has filled my mind and heart with sooo much gratitude that they're unable to process vocabulary...

well, thought of writing a 3-T record about GOA and the trip... with all three of us tourists giving our views and the situations... Don't think it's gonna take shape now... hope it doesn't take too long cause by then, the views will have been changed/biased...

Now, all this cause I'm unable to decide what to write upon... for pics will haveta wait till my system gets normal... it gives out all kindsa noises and sounds... sometimes it vibrates and shuts.. most of the times it gets stuck... well well well, it's not even starting now...
here they are... starting with mine

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