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Feb 6, 2009

I know

I suddenly woke up...
Saw around to find darkness everywhere..
But not, at that opening of the curtain
It's a full moon I knew

The iron door started creaking as I touched it
No pigeons flew at that sound
No one was alerted at that jerk
It was sleeping time

I entered the terrace, disturbing the silence.
I could feel the light everywhere,
the breeze on my ears
and the cold around my chest



A warm presence

It was not the moon, gloomy and dull
Nor the stars, devoid of light
Neither the wind, nor the walls

I felt a warm presence
that which has brought me here, searching
My assurance of company

I sat in a corner, intrigued, wondering

Some disturbance at the other corner,
where light was dominated by darkness

A disturbance

I Knew She Was Here,
waiting for me,
smiling at her success at intriguing me once again,
blushing as I was nearing.

I knew she liked me,
I knew she'd come for me.

I knew, a few more steps will reveal
Her, defeating the darkness
A few more steps,
A pause,
A Gaze at the moon,
then the stars

A moist look at the floor,
then the iron door.


I Still can see that night
and sense that warm presence
just like I see these words
and like I sense this paper.

I thought she was here
I only thought..


sana said...

Interesting......but was it real?????

Ranjith said...

it's similar to the poems you write..

Vani said...

Interesting poem...has a mysterious element to know makes one wonder..nice!

Ranjith said...

Vani, thank you for the compliment

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