you can find the world in a person's diary who thinks He's the world

Aug 28, 2011


What Others think?
shouldn't matter!

After all,
life is a game you play with yourself

Rest are all audience,
they go home once the game's over
they go home, whatever the result is

It is a quality of the intelligent but unwise to appropriate imprudence to others


Looking for differences?
you can divide this world into 7 billion individuals or even more

Count the similarities,
it was and will always be one world
from my comment on Absent Minds, kept scooping my mind

its always people 
and about people.

In this vast world, however 
some people get too impatient 
and arrogant to call their interests the "best"
some go further and call 
everything else "worthless", 
some go even further 
and try to change others' minds/interests!

I wanted to add
It is one of the duties of Time to prove people wrong
and she's always at work

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