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Aug 28, 2011


While enjoying some personal space with the landscape near Chapora Fort in Goa, during our second visit

Whenever I was at crossroads
I always stood there alone, with no hint on where to go

The wind wouldn't blow East-West to indicate the direction of my next step
Sun would stand right on top of me, giving no advice.
My shadow would not even attempt to point.
No termite mounds aligned North-South,
Just a person at the end of each path,
they all look like me


\/ said...

This is awwwwweeesomme !! more than that actually

Anonymous said...

nee own writin ah idhi???? im so amazedddd!!!

Manmeeth Kharvel Annepu said...

nee own writin ah idhi???? im so amazedddd!!

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