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Apr 12, 2007

perfectly planned against me

here i'm, back again....

today was superbly plannned against me.

had Fluid Mechanics exam...which was a nightmare at 10 in the morning...

OCT was better. Like never before in my life, i studied for a full day. May be tht's the difference tht i could see in the xam....i was not able to answer even 1 question completely.... and i was not sure about those i have answered....

this was never my position in an exam. Earlier, i used to atleast understand what i write. today was hopeless.
It all started with the question paper. I think it was set by our professor who knows us pretty well. It appeared as if he knew what questions we were expecting and soooo didn't ask any of those.

So i had to answer all those about which i only had a vague idea.
Had to gather all my general knowledge(write everything u know, need not be relevant) to answer them.

Thus today was all shit......., perffect bullshit
Adding to this, we had to wait for an hour for a bus. that too wasn't a direct bus. So had to change another bus.

All over, it took me about 3 hrs to reach home after writing the exam.All the time, either waiting for the bus in the hot 1 o' clock sun or had to stay compressed between two heavily sweating souls....
that was becoz all the buses were crowded.

Among all this frustration, i reached my home at 4 in the evnng.
Climbed three floors and fell on the door to open it only to find there's no one at home.
Had to go down to watchman and get the keys and again climb back to enter my sweet home

It is soooo sweet because the sweetest and the cuuutest creature on this earth always lives in it.....that's my pet Sona.....

that was the end of "operation ranjith" meant to devastate me.

'cause, as soon as i entered, sona came wagging her tail and licked all over my face to relieve me off the frustration.

I could find all my joy in her curious eyes.

Now neither the Fluid shit nor the paper setter nor the Sun nor the two sweating souls can take me away from this comfort......

Now after having a lonnng and reeefreshing bath, i sit here to write all this...

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