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Jun 13, 2007

YO - my new pet---already into the past

*wrote this on May 13th. but couldn't publish it on that day*
Today being a Sunday, watched a second show yesterday night....... so late to sleep and usually got up very late today....

Was unwilling to open my eyes. I could listen some, Hmm... many voices. Understood that relatives have come, my mother mentioned it before going to bed last night.

I didn't want to get up. I covered my face with a pillow and tried to sleep. Not even 1 minute passed and my pillow was pulled away.
It was my mom. Remembering that it was Mother's Day, I Wished her and slept again.

She quickly came to me again and said that the relatives have come and wanted me to getup..... But even before she left, even my bed was occupied by relatives.They just flowed in.

Now i had to get up.......
Wished all of them and sat before system. My Dad came and asked whether i'll come with him to the local Fish market. I answered that i can't

But somehow, i had to go with Him

It was a 15 minutes drive to the fish market. At last we were there in the fish market.

Now, without bath and the heat over my head, i could really feel what a fish market sounds like....

We went searching for fish.... the market was closing. Every one were packing up.

Then, behind an auto we found a vendor selling Crabs.
My father went to buy something else, but i was standing at the Crab stall admiring the way they were using their claws...

so, my father bought me one. I declared that I'm gonna keep this one as a pet and my father readily agreed.

I was excited, I have never heard of any one having a crab as a pet and that i was gonna have a "CRAAAB" as a pet!!!

By the time we reached, our bike was burning hot. I couldn't even sit on it.. Some how managed to reach home.

Took the crab out and announced in the home that i was gonna raise this one.

There was no visible disagreement. So i went on, got a tub and put it inside. Filled it with water.

Doubts arise naturally to it was about, whether it was a freshwater species or a marine one?
Browsed the net to get a picture of a crab that would be resembling my pet.... After a lot of research, i could onlyyy understand that it was a male that I'm having.

Then small research on crab feed made made it clear what to be fed. I got some fish feed from a pet shop. Then it was his naming that has to be done.
Saw a list of names in a "pet names" list. None were satisfactory...

Then it suddenly occurred to me and named him "YO".....

"YO" was showing lots of attitude from the beginning. He was not even allowing me to touch it.
He also tried to bite me(not a bite actually) with his claws. I escaped it but learned that i have to be careful with this fellow.

After sometime, i was good at handling YO.

then had a photo session with YO
and here's YO

By the evening, he had enough food in his tub.

The Aquarium i had earlier has leaks from all sides, so it's not used these days.
So, i decide to buy a new one for "YO".

I also took another decision---decision 2. That my aquarium would have aquatic animals other than fish.

Then i became busy in browsing the net for "YO".
Suddenly, my son came running to me and said that YO has died.This is the Danger with long relationships. You become Dad or sometimes even Grand Father even without marrying and that too at small ages when you are still calling your neighbours as Uncles and Aunties.

I was shocked and went running to it and saw that it was motionless. Tried to lift it from the water then He moved and suddenly used his claws against me. Escaping this time again, i was sure that this fellow is a 'hard to die' one. Once in my childhood, i was bitten by a very small crab in a beach when i tried to catch it in the sand.

Later on, after some more research, I was a failure in knowing it's species. But i came to know that YO's family could be mostly a scavenger species and hence they are omnivorous and they eat anything.
So stopped worrying about the feed...knew some more interesting facts about their growth in those hard shells that they have.
Whenever there's a need to grow, a crab sheds the "exo-skelton"(outer shell) and then without these shells they look just like pieces of flesh, white in color. They grow in this period and then form another exoskeleton. This is called "Molting". They do this twice a year.

My Dad came to me and said "the crab died". I explained him that even he could have been mistaken just like his grandson i.e, my son. But went to see.

Shocked this time to see it motionless even when tried to lift it from the water and even after lifting and giving some jerks, it was motionless.

Everything stopped suddenly before me......
each second was taking hours..
He was motionless....may be I came to know by that time, what had happened

Still shocked and grief stricken that Yo died and that tooo soo ealry.... i mean i was expecting to raise it for some months minimum.

I didn't want to throw it out. i kept it's corpse inside a jar.The next day, there was foul smell around the jar. Mom wanted to ask me to remove the corpse from that place but did not do that afraid she may hurt me.I could understand it and after realizing that i cannot store it practically and having nooo other choice, had to put it into the dustbin with a heavy heart. Putting my pet into a "dustbin" was sad, really sad.

Then, sat down to analyze what happened.

In the afternoon,YO tried to jump out of the tub and even succeeded twice . I collected it and put it into the tub both the times.
sooo it could be because he was a Marine animal.

this was the only thing i could conclude.

sooo feeling sad that my excitement vanished in hours and my short relationship with Yo made such an impact on me..., i decided to raise at least one crab successfully.... till then I'll be trying my best.

Coz not many people has done it before, I'll definitely do it and that too successfully.

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