you can find the world in a person's diary who thinks He's the world

Jul 6, 2007


We find them every where in the world
in cities, towns and villages

Some are young, some are old
but all earning penny wages

they are three-fourths of the people
in every aspect low and feeble

They are all from the community of the poor
whose problems never have a cure

Their poverty,
leads them towards cruelty

Clothed somehow and sheltered in rags,
they become the future's brats

Having even a good meal will be possible only in their dreams
and are waiting for the lighting beams

Could be God made these people in a low mood
and forgot writing in their lives, peace, love and food

wrote this poem in continuation to another poem, in my 7th class....
but can't publish the actual poem coz i havn't yet finished it due to very vague ideas i had thn

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