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May 30, 2009

Kids in love

GIRL: I'm sleepy

BOY: Why so early?

GIRL: Dunno.. But, I DON'T WANT TO SLEEP :-( !!! I want to talk to you

BOY: {blushing...} :-) :-)

GIRL: {sad} say something... :-(

BOY: ------------

GIRL: {more sad and slowly} say something :-( :-(

BOY: I love you :-) {blushing}

GIRL: :-) :-)

BOY: Once upon a time... {she interrupts}

GIRL: wow, a story?

BOY: yes, a stoory :-)

GIRL: I love you too :-)

{now, both of them chuckling}

BOY: This is the story of why and how the Earth has come to existence and why all this life on it and the answer to all the scientists and philosophers's...

GIRL: philiosphy??? :-( By the way you started with "once upon a time"

BOY: listen monkey..

GIRL: Don't call me monkey :-)

BOY: Ok stupid, listen now..
Once upon a time, thousands of years ago... GOD was playing dice...

There were few gods who could never come to conclusion about who's the greatest amongst them.

GIRL: sounds like a fable for small children..

BOY: that's why I'm telling you my dear... listen nowww.. I should tape your mouth

GIRL: :-) what if I feel like kissing you and my mouth's taped??

BOY: :-) :-) I'll do that thing for you.. you signal me when you feel like that

GIRL: you're not telling the story???? :-)

BOY: very smart... Among those present were
- The Air god
- The Fire god

GIRL: The Soil god.... The Moon god!

BOY: No, No,
- The Nature goddess
- The Water god

and the actual GOD acted the judge.

GOD: well, you guys have been obstructing one anothers duties to prove each others's greatness. But, the right way to prove oneself is doing the work in the best possible way he can. The person who'll do what he can do perfectly will be the greatest.

The Omnipotent then threw a dice into the space

{Slowly saying}

GOD: you people need a stage to showcase your talents.. and this is it... THE EARTH..

GIRL: A talent show??

BOY: yes, for gods.. and the main god is the judge.

GIRL: who'll be the anchor then?? :-)

BOY: the main god... he's both the judge and the anchor.

GIRL: Hmmm.... okaay!

{with sound effects}
The Earth was burning hot when it flew into the space and The water god was about to do somethin when GOD stopped him

GOD: wait there, to win this competition, none of you should interrupt others' work.

The four gods agreed.

The water god then poured himself all over the earth and cooled it down and also formed huge water bodies

GIRL: called oceans

BOY: {continuing} :-) were created... They were so deep that they seemed bottomless. Main god was very impressed.

GIRL: hmmm.. :-)

BOY: Then came the Nature Goddess.. She just flew around the water bodies and the oceans teemed with life... all kinds of life... small to huge... black, blue, green, white, every colour... GOD was Amazed with these creatures and the creator of them, the Nature Goddess.
She couldn't create life on the land however.

GIRL: No Air! So, the soo called Air god created air??

BOY: yaa.... soo the Air god enveloped the earth.. he covered the entire space on earth... he was everywhere... the narrowest tunnel or the deepest cave or anything. He was present everywhere. This omnispresence rivalled that of the main god and he was awestruck with that show.

Now, the Nature goddess created more creatures. These could walk and think... some kind of life was found everywhere on earth. They collectively gave rise to beautiful eco systems..

GIRL: what's all this dearrr???

BOY: Life existed for a long time before Fire god entered and made it easy.. He made many useful tools for men.. He was involved in every functionning of the Man..

He somehow managed to impress GOD..

{After observing their works for thousands of years}

GOD: All were impressive. But no one could make the one perfect masterpiece to be adjudged the winner!!!!

BOY: Now, someone should cry... we see it daily in our talent shows... either the participant, the judge or the audience or even the ancohr... sometimes everyone///

Nature Goddess: {crying} You show what it is.... what it looks like... beautiful than a peacock, graceful than a swan, {still crying}

Water God: deeper than an ocean, more wonderful than a waterfalls,

BOY: God knew it was time to do it. He observed all the best qualities in everything ever existed and anything that'll ever exist. He worked out different conmbinations and in the end came up with it.

He made you...

GIRL: what??

BOY: He made YOU..

GIRL: aaaahaan!!!

BOY: Yaa, he made you... :-)

GIRL: {disbelief} stop it...

BOY: and he made me to take care of you :-)

you're my only love :-) so you're present wherever my imagination could go.. You're omnipresent...

you're the most beautiful girl, both in and out

you're the deepest to understand

you're the most colourful, you're everything to me....

BOY: ooiee, say something...!!

BOY: Hellooo..... heeeeellllooooooooooooo!!!!!

BOY: wwwwhhattt?? slept offf??!!!

BOY: good night sweetheart... sweetest dreams.. miss you :-(

May 5, 2009


at this time of the night... not at all sleepy... I'm blogging!!! feels nice though...

Power cuts.. power cuts a-a-n-d power cuts.. Giving sometime to use the terrace.. all these days it's only been star gazing at nights... and today it's late than always...

I found out things that rejuvenate me.. after the defeat of Deccan chargers.. it was the cold and strong breeze and the sense of rain... also the clouds that brought me back!!

Well, thinking about things... and not thinking at all about anything has been the case all while.. (!!!)

When I asked people in the beginning, no one agreed, but now two guys want to come with me on the surprise trip...

oh shit.. I forgot something.. byee

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