you can find the world in a person's diary who thinks He's the world

Mar 19, 2010

right, wrong and the Perfect

Only Mathematical problems are right or wrong, and nothing else

Men can only move towards perfection

Mar 12, 2010

Man and animal

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What is imagination? what is reality? Which among them is real? Why cannot everyone have the same dreams? How do u associate your dreams to the real world? 

Some times we see them faint and vague and some times clearcut, awful and dreadful things. What are we dreaming? What are we living? why can't we stop dreaming?

When we sleep what really are we doing? Do we get associated with other beings during that time? do dreams correspond to another life, where we live for a few hours every day.

            Why do we tend to forget many dreams that we had just last night? are they meant to be, forgotten?
Are we living 2 different lives at the same time, is that why imagination "happens to us". Think about it, we don't try to imagine most things, it is instinctive. So, what makes us to imagine ?

Legends like Leonardo da Vinci , Picasso have seen their actual work in dreams and that’s how they portrayed wonderful paintings on paper.

So, I'm of a conclusion that traces of our dreams remain with us when we wake up and we feel we have "imagined" "something".
Another question, Is death our transition from "reality" to those imaginary worlds, we used to visit every day  via dreams?

Further, what does God want from us, why cannot everyone imagine the very same thing? Are there many "other" worlds and is that why imagination differs from person to person?

              Animals concentrate only about their day to day survival for most of the time. Do animals dream like us? if so, do they remember their dreams, unlike us in most situations? Maybe, animal and human imagination, together can unveil  secret of  this universe!! looking at several civilizations, animals were/are worshiped as deities, the famous Egyptian civilization has a fusion of an animal and a human body called Sphinx (none knew why, a fusion of man and animal!). Death inscriptions are mostly associated with animal symbols. Is every human soul associated with a unique animal soul?

Does death follow us through animals?

Have those civilizations unleashed the code of universe with help from animals? can this be the reason their civilizations ended up abruptly in the name of natural fury? Today, once again, can we unlock the secrets through animals which most of us don’t care? Can we reach eternity through them?

Are we being lead away from the truth? by somebody, by something?

May be this is the reason why we cant understand their (animals) every emotion.
They (animals) might be seeing and expressing through their actions and sounds many imaginary things, which we feel void.

Why did He limit their thinking and expression, why did he limit our senses and strength?

He doesn’t want us to figure him out or his work, may be that’s why he makes us busy with our daily activities.
If we unlock the secret of this universe, will he end this civilization, with  his omnipotent weapon, NATURE?

Is my death following me in the form of an animal every day in different ways?


Technology should only help man, do his work.
-- Ranjith

Technology without man's involvement will give an output that has no real value to other men.
-- Ranjith

Mar 2, 2010

a Rule that cannot be made

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