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Nov 1, 2009

Who am I?

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Have you seen your tears dipping down at a slow rate, when every tear reminds you the agony of your existence in the world. When I watch my tears, I see my darkside with a wry smile. What really are we? we'll die one or the other day…" Every man dies, not every man really lives"
Yet we get attached to the social customary. Through all these years my questions remained unanswered. Even when my hope was lost and faith faded, I lived... and I still live!??
Every day I wake up to be a different person, but at the end of the day I remain the same.. I remind myself "even today, my questions weren't answered". one becomes an atheist, agnostic in search of his answers.
Man is powerful, but has to bow down before nature. Yet we lie to ourself every day that we'll live tomorrow.

Everyman wants to be successful but with dissimilar definitions.

Am I alone on this planet when I work in solitude. I haven't been sleeping for years because of my never ending search for answers.

All of a sudden, I visualize my dear ones leaving this world for ever, but I convince myself that they are with me atleast for 'this day'. Everyday, do u think the journey of your life starts again? If yes, I ask you "what for?", to achieve what?? Every journey must have a goal.
How will you convince your soul that your existence is necessary today, love pauses you for a moment or for some years but, one or the other day the knock of your questions starts over again…

Man loves to escape from solitude.
May be that's the reason why he chases success through out his life. He keeps his mind busy all time either through love, friendship, family or work… these remain momentary but your days of solitude are waiting for you…

When ever one fails in reaching his goals, the words "kartha, karma, kriya" find their way out with ease.. man is meant to taste all sorts of emotions in life so as to stay away from solitude…
….that’s how one prevents himself from thinking about such questions…
I don't take any sedatives nor do I drink and thus spend most of my time in solitude. So, these questions kept chasing me since childhood… that’s how I became nocturnal and workaholic in order to escape from such mental suffering… but these sufferings became mundane.

What kept and keeps saints alive? When they got disgusted with social life… are they in search of questions like those I have been chasing after.. should I call myself a saint or does this happen to every one, one or the other day??
I've seen death touching me for seconds, It was a big pause for a 'moment'

I'd love to see death and like to know what it is really?? what makes it a taboo subject .. why does everyone fear it.
Though, I may get all my questions answered one day, I'm not sure whether I would be able to share these stuff with the world because death divides us….!
May be birth divides us to be alive in different sects but death unites us.

addition: Birth says: Go, be an individual. Let the world recognize your presence!! whereas, Death unites all of us. Whether those the world cannot forget or those the world had no clue of...


\/ said...

awesome !

anisha desai said...

yet again a post quite similar to mine.........i wud say this is more of anger n frustration than wat i expressed but to b etrue evn iam in search of answers to this question but i dont find ny.....and yes iam stuck stuck discover c if iam diff.....because i knw iam diff.....n but wat makes me diff is wat i need to search..maybe ur not d only one who feels it this way....only few ppl like u n me n many other come up openly wid such kinda ques....others jus get into thr routine.........

Ranjith said...

he he... i'd like to be the one who wrote this... but (sadly for me) this is the work of one of my friends. I'll forward this to him.. only the final "addition" is mine!!

and I absolutely love this work.. it's pretty deep and just introduces a whole lot of things perfectly and leaves the rest to your imagination.. u can see that from the half sentences. and yeah it's like everything u said..

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