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Feb 1, 2010

Sun "God"

I cannot even take my clothes to laundry with today's kind of weather. Forget my assignments and thesis. The weekend was completely movies. I'm not lazy/// come ooon... "the weather".

Now, HINTS of temperature above freezing and Sun on 3 out of 5 days. That's good news.. Great news.

Well, the laundry is in the basement, just the floor below

... but the waaay, is blanketed by darknessss, with cold ghosts moving around...
they'll wrap you and make you shiverrrrr... rrrr... yeah... shiver.... the dark lords, also called clouds should be killed to get rid of the darkness... Where there is light, the ghosts cannot exist...

Pray god to pierce through the clouds and kill the ghosts with his light beams. pray for me brothers... and sisters.. and girl friends..

Oh god, your subjects are down with lethargy and doomed by facebook.. show up... give us hope


\/ said...

hehe... good one !
and we all totally agree... you are not lazyy !!!

Ranjith said...

This is a tribute to my bad mood!!!

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