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May 21, 2010

Into me

I used to think Ohio was in Japan, and that Massachusetts was a Japanese Company

I'm now lost when I enter!!

this song is my this week's favorite.. what a vibe! amazing lyrics and awesome music. I used to sing this song aloud when I was around 7years! My father could never make out what attracted me! it was devotional and I was too young to understand it. It was the music. or, was it the singing? not sure!

China was not in my list as far as I remember, for the next 5 years!

I'm getting better at cooking

After as long as 12 years, I can still sing along "kamalakucha choochuka kumkuma tho niyathaaruni thathula neerathano" to a very good extent..

Consciousness of a woman is influencing my actions again!


Zephyr said...


when has it before? lol.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Ohio is a American-Indian name ra.....So are Oklahoma, Tennessee, etc. Wikipedia says Massachusetts is derived name of a American-Indian tribe.

Ranjith said...

naku chinnappatinunchee thelusu aithe.. :) that they were not American names!

Massachusetts sounds very americanized, compared to the other names

Ranjith said...

your articles used to influence me want to write as good as you
but you know I can only crave to get there

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