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Jul 16, 2010

Flat Imagination

Earth being flat makes more sense than earth being spherical, but it's not the truth.
to make sense is to shut other possibilities
to make sense is to curb creativity
to think only logically is to hide your gifts unopened

No, i don't expect you to believe theories like
Angels watching us from the sky
or Virgins waiting for us to die

The most important decisions in our lives
The biggest challenges that we face
defy logic
Pilgrims Progress
Addition: "If we admit that Human life can be ruled by reason, the possibility of life is destroyed" - some cool author!


Sumit said...

dude... this is so awesome!

Ranjith said...

thank you Sumit :) keep encouraging

this is the realization of trying to see logic in everything!

i just added more stuff to the post

anisha desai said...

loved it....though initially mereko bouncer gaya.........lakin whn i understood fab tha.....

Ranjith said...

thank you
tujhe, pehla line bouncer gaya/gayi??

anisha desai said...

to think only logically is to hide your gifts unopned yeh wala bouncer gaya.....

Ranjith said...

oh, woh line bahut saari ideas ka samaahar tha/thi... woh self explanatory nahi hai..

explain karoon, ya, apni apni explain hogaya/gayi! :)

anisha desai said...


anisha desai said...


Ranjith said...

generally logic is relative. to make logic is to make sense to the knowledge you have or to only those things which you know. to always be logical is to confine yourself to a set of common day matters or to think only in terms of what you know.

Having knowledge is a gift, ability to keep gaining knowledge is another gift. understanding matters you were never familiar with is a gift. another interesting gift is the ability to think about issues others cannot imagine. like the nautilus of Jules Verne. he imagined a submarine. logic as used in our day to day lives is mutually exclusive with creativity.

thus the statement!!

anisha desai said...

iam glad i asked u too excplain.... :P :)

Vani said...

So true. Logic only goes so far. Logic can be solved...but what lays beyond it, is a realm that's hard to tap into and to find a solution for, because we don't even know if a solution exists or is even needed.

Ranjith said...

this makes me think beyond what this post meant!! thanks.

Creativity in itself can be a question, an answer or none but pursuit! you don't know what it is as long as you stick to your common logic!
" is a realm that's hard to tap into"
" we don't even know if a solution exists or is even needed"

very true

\/ said...

Is logic not like breathing ?
One cannot last long without breathing... without logic. You breathe without making a conscious effort. Logic, likewise, is in every decision one makes. It of course is relative.

Logically illogical, and illogically logical are two paradoxes that are not rare..

Appreciation and craving for creativity does not defy logic, coz as said already, it is relative.

Ranjith said...

rohit, about logic being relative, look at my conversation with anisha in this comments page

"you breathe without making a conscious effort"
"you sneeze even when you make a conscious effort, not to"
ha ha.. so, you take wrong decisions when you think/donot think logically. so it's not about taking decisions, if that's the most important thing in a person's life, taking decisions! likewise with thinking logically, "One cannot last long without breathing"

the second sentence in the post, the truth of earth being spherical is not about creativity, earth's shape will not change with our creativity!! it's about being open to things whether you think you know them or don't know them

and then, the following lines explain the negatives (to whom?? i'm not sure) of not being open to things

to make sense is to shut "other possibilities"
to make sense is to "curb" creativity
to think only logically is to hide your gifts "unopened"

wish I'm clear, cause due to the length of the reply, I would have lost course somewhere!! let me know. let's discuss, but after you're back from your vacation

Ranjith said...


again, about logic without effort, it's again about what one knows. when i was younger, I would have taken a different decision on somethings but now, the decisions change according to what I know. once we get into the issue of taking decisions, the decision being right or wrong will be the most important part of the discussion

Now, which of my decisions would be right? the one I would've taken when I was younger or the decisions I take now? I could have gained wrong knowledge too!! soo, you never know! so, taking logical decisions is wholly dependent upon what you know.

a gradient in people's knowledge will always result in a difference in their decisions. but taking decisions is not the biggest thing in life. logic+risk would be more applicable there!! greater the risk, lesser the logic. their summation should tend towards zero. hey this is something interesting!

going back to knowledge again, innocence/ignorance is bliss. believe me. decisions are much easier if at all you have to take one

Zephyr said...

okay, i just read all these comments in one sitting, and now my head is filled with different possibilities.

i have to disagree with the inverse proportion equation: logic+risk = 0, ie: logic = -risk. if you take a decision backed up by 'logic', you tend to experience negative risk.

that's proclaiming a set formula to all individuals (and curbing creativity, by the way. haha). the reason i put 'logic' in quotes is because relativity comes into play here. there are so many possiblities and variables, that it most definitely cannot be an inverse relationship. you did speak about it, but it contradicts your conclusion on the proportion, so i'd like to think of it this way, which makes more sense to me:

(x-h)^2 + (y-k)^2 = r^2. (h,k) are the center of the circle, and that is relative to where you stand on the graph, ie: your environment (it could be outer or inner; hence the relativity to another person standing at another point in time who's decision might differ with you).

and from what i've gleened, logic appears to be a structured set for decision making that one creates for himself.

x = logic, y = risk; which are the different points of the circle that lie tangent to circumference. one thinking that they've made a logical decision does not guarantee that they've made one that results in less risk.

r = the breadth of one's knowledge; ie: the bubble you live in and how much you are aware of what's happening with everybody else around you.

and hence, ignorance is bliss: as a child, ur 'breadth of knowledge' is really small, ie: radius of a circle.

i also disagree with this:

"but taking decisions is not the biggest thing in life"

it definitely is. it molds you as a person, and you have control over what you want to do. of course, the point of origin cannot be changed, but the factors under your control are the biggest things which can be altered.

i suppose it'd be more interesting to add a third dimension, 'z' to this equation. i wonder what other factor that would take into consideration. but for now, i have to let go of this and get back to memorizing diseases. haha.

Ranjith said...

ha ha.
let me tell you, I thought you were a doctor until I saw x and y above and that equation. let me get back to it once I'm finished with my submissions.
get busy with your diseases :)

in4sight said...

This discussion reminds me of a quote by Robert Oppenheimer: “It is a profound and necessary truth that the deep things in science are not found because they are useful; they are found because it was possible to find them.” Scientists do not go searching for a solution to a specific problem as much as they simply observe nature and try to understand and explain it. Similarly, creativity does not require a problem to solve. Wondering whether a solution exists or is needed, or saying that it is difficult to be creative, is the equivalent of curbing creativity. Just allowing yourself to think outside of the realm of logic, and believing that you are capable of doing so, can change a lot of things. And when those ideas are shared, creative thoughts can connect to problems and become key parts of their solutions.

Also, I agree that logic is relative, and dependent upon your personal knowledge and experiences. I also agree that decisions are a major part of life, and can change your path in an instant. While there may be relatively better or worse choices, I don't think there is any one “right” or “wrong” decision in any situation. You will always learn from your choices, and that will expand your bubble and knowledge base. The worst thing you can do is make no decisions at all and just let life happen to you. Relatively speaking.

Sumit said...

wow.. nice discussions ! what i liked most about the poem is the greatness of the idea explained in simple words. I liked your answers to science questions I posted too. I think the answers are right. Well, do you think we can make a list of these everyday questions and look for answers? Let's not include cliche'd questions like - why is rainbow round and all :)

Ranjith said...

Sumit, we can definitely try putting them together and I observed the second question was not something many ask!! such things are interesting

Nidhi, I'll answer you in biology.. ha ha :D

Ranjith said...

in4sight, you've written down the meaning of my poem for me. thank you.

"or saying that it is difficult to be creative, is the equivalent of curbing creativity. Just allowing yourself to think outside of the realm of logic, and believing that you are capable of doing so, can change a lot of things. And when those ideas are shared, creative thoughts can connect to problems and become key parts of their solutions"
that's it

I have a problem with Mr.Oppenheimer's statement though!

and I agree with this
" I don't think there is any one “right” or “wrong” decision in any situation"
It made me realize the discussion I brought about decisions could be wrong. But, the basis of that discussion was the knowledge domain . decision as a variable of knowledge and "situation" or "times" is not a criterion. Time was used there to suggest change in knowledge.

I'm not sure about not making decisions being the worst thing! ha ha. I think we give too much importance to decisions and "we" taking THAT decision. Believe me, we give toooo much importance to it. you may say, the decision is finally in our hands. but how much fraction of the decision?? ha ha..

Ranjith said...

Nidhi, you're right. Decisions are not logic and risk. when logic is perfect risk becomes zero. their addition becomes zero.

well, so, decisions = logic + interest/infatuation/something else?
(be liberal with literary meanings)
please review :)
and you didn't post for a long time! I need a dosage every month minimum :)

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