you can find the world in a person's diary who thinks He's the world

Feb 25, 2010


Who's the greatest cricketer ever?? 

Are you speaking about the statistics??


Who cares??? 


well, It's sachin.. he makes us feel proud and brings us joy every moment.. If he's in the 90's, a hundred million will be in their nervous 90's... He brought me more festivals than any other single god.. I celebrated 93 festivals in his name...

Feb 22, 2010

my Tiger

why in this beautiful world, will a Tiger eat grass and take the pain of digesting it when it can get the same, easily and at a better taste? (with'a ting'o blooad)

Feb 18, 2010

Doubts, vanished... Clouds, diffused

I'll get you the stars,
the clouds,
the moon and the sky

I'll gather all my dreams,
arrange them one by one and build a palace for you.
but, would you be able to stand up to it?    }-!


I don't want any stars,
what would I do with them?....
Neither do I want the clouds nor the dew!
you're the moon, I'm the sky
and I have you....

I would rather like to have your dreams,
to make them come true..
let's build our palace together,
I want to share the pain with you.... :-)

Feb 1, 2010

Sun "God"

I cannot even take my clothes to laundry with today's kind of weather. Forget my assignments and thesis. The weekend was completely movies. I'm not lazy/// come ooon... "the weather".

Now, HINTS of temperature above freezing and Sun on 3 out of 5 days. That's good news.. Great news.

Well, the laundry is in the basement, just the floor below

... but the waaay, is blanketed by darknessss, with cold ghosts moving around...
they'll wrap you and make you shiverrrrr... rrrr... yeah... shiver.... the dark lords, also called clouds should be killed to get rid of the darkness... Where there is light, the ghosts cannot exist...

Pray god to pierce through the clouds and kill the ghosts with his light beams. pray for me brothers... and sisters.. and girl friends..

Oh god, your subjects are down with lethargy and doomed by facebook.. show up... give us hope

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