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May 21, 2010


After continuous buzzing for two hours,
I looked through the window
to find myself standstill in the air,
above the clouds
They took a dip
along with the Atlantic

We were sailing on a sea of ice
without any jerks, but a buzzing sound
The only proof of movement was
the gradual change of pattern, under our sails

A little farther, the patterns dissolved into mushy white.
Farther away, they turned white,
a glowing white,which
diffused a few inches into the blue,
a lighter shade of the ocean

I was now surrounded by blue
and It took my breathe
the next moment, my ego
It brought tears

This is not the first time,
A mild weight on my chest
unknown pressure inside the lungs,
consciousness of the expanding air
head resting heavily.
The strength of nature
gave me great happiness
and immediate tears

It happened every time inspiration exceeded my threshold
Nothing ever influenced me as intensely as Nature

It was getting dark
I saw a star
and then, a thousand of them
It was now dark blue below me

I suddenly realized I didn't hear the buzz all this while

I was already thinking about the first sailors
the great adventures of Human history
Their doubts
Their fears
with all their confidence in wood
against the forces of sea,
travelling into a world of only their imagination

They lit the unending darkness
meter by meter
chasing land,
always a million hands away

I wondered how their evenings would have been!
The transition from day to night
the darkness that would never seem to end
on waters that drowned even light

And the winds, of which they never knew!
if they'd show them a new land?
or leave them in the sea, stranded?

With infinite uncertainty around them,
and frequently fogged hopes
they never turned back.

Was it their lust for money?
How intense could it have been!
Or was it a flair for adventure?
God bless you,
Take my life, for another such journey

In the warmth of their desire,
whatever it might be for,
I celebrated the spirit of Humanity
Their journeys instilled faith in me
that man will never cease to exist

We will not watch the Earth melt
We will pull it off

Into me

I used to think Ohio was in Japan, and that Massachusetts was a Japanese Company

I'm now lost when I enter!!

this song is my this week's favorite.. what a vibe! amazing lyrics and awesome music. I used to sing this song aloud when I was around 7years! My father could never make out what attracted me! it was devotional and I was too young to understand it. It was the music. or, was it the singing? not sure!

China was not in my list as far as I remember, for the next 5 years!

I'm getting better at cooking

After as long as 12 years, I can still sing along "kamalakucha choochuka kumkuma tho niyathaaruni thathula neerathano" to a very good extent..

Consciousness of a woman is influencing my actions again!

May 9, 2010


after i've travelled the world
conquered every mountain

seen the best of humanity
and when its worse things start showing up,
and I get tired of this world,

When I turn restless,

When I get bored of money
and of manipulating people

When I'm looking for purity 
and searching for my soul,

Let me go back into this photo.
Into the security of my mothers arms,

let me re-live
the joy of my brother's companionship,

let me relaxe,
smiling innocently at my father
I got no other wishes.
Happy mother's day to my mom and her mom (also in this photo)
To new moms and mom's who're going to have their first child soon. It must be so exciting!

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