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Aug 23, 2014


I don't want to attach any out of space, foreign help! Neither do I want to take any credit for any of my deeds. There can be a thousand and one reasons or there doesn't have to be a reason for everything that's around or everything I did!

I'm very glad that I came across and got associated with someone driven by passion, so early in my life! I can hear someone saying "it was just the right time, before you began your professional life"

Not just moments and feelings,
sometimes, humans happen too,
and they can happen to be the best things around.

I sometimes think,
He doesn't have to do it.
He could have settled down
in a leisurely town,
and go to sea every clear dawn.

He could spend his entire time
with his children and lovely wife.

And every dime
on his grandchild's life

But, He works,
He fights,
He initiates,
He propagates, and
He inspires,
Souls like myself.
Finally published this post, which was a draft since Dec, 2010!
General question: Are you called "lucky" even when you get something which your friends or peers or anyone else can get?

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