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Mar 25, 2009

The Reason why

The reason why I haven't been blogging these days!!! not that important... but let's check it.. I've no work.,.. just now gave an exam!

Sucking exams...?!!! I waste more time than usual during exams.. so not the reason why

Dumb project...?!!! hmmm could be some weeks back.. not now!

a dumber lab record!!!? we even covered this record(file) with a plastic cover!! got this done too some time back... after lots n lots of "vyaya prayaasa"... people who know telugu will understand that... for others, the record was as difficult as you could pronounce that word...

Problem with internet??!! hmmm noo... I did post some times from a net cafe!!

Bored with blogging!?!! Never as of now!

Well, the reason is this language options that i've enabled in my account... Whenever i type something. it used to get changed into telugu alphabets... Well I didn't know how to disable it.. I searched all settings and everything, but never clicked on that ALphabet thing on this new post window!!! should've done this long back...

Next, time for a nice post!!! hope that happens before exams get over....

and hey, we friends recently had an open challenge for girls...

Target was to "clear all the subjects" and the conditions were :-

1. Never sit attentively in classes
2. Never touch the books till the day before exam.
3. Watch 3 movies the day before
4. Drink that night
5. Do combined studies
6. Do night outs continuously for a week
7. Out of the 5 units, have 3 units untouched till the exam day's morning
8. Stay cool before the exam after all this!!!!
9. Watch everyone sitting in the examination room atleast once and see what they are doing..

and the target I told na, "to clear all the subjects"
We're proud to have reached the final semester... yeaaahhh :-)


sana said...

hehehe...that was quiet a set of conditions! ur funnyyyy....

Ranjith said...

:-) just a few things that happen in our combined studies every time!

shashikiran said...

this has been our target right from the beginning of colg days :) till date no grl ever dared to do so

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