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Mar 25, 2009

Never knew eyes could speak!! :-)

I was amongst my friends,
Discussing about a presentation

She was amongst her friends,
being congratulated by everyone,

I wanted to see see her once
I see her a thousand times every day
Even in my dreams
But then, I wanted to see her again

I looked towards the group she was with
She was already watching me!!!! :-) , Smiling

My eyes widened in surprise!!!
I immediately withdrew and resumed talking...

I was looking towards my friends now...
But, I can see nothing, other than
That Smile,
Those eyes, conveying a multitude of expressions..

The smile, which can strike off all my grief
Those eyes, as innocent as a child's
and the person, for whom I can wait a lifetime

That day passed, many nights passed, I came across many people and many more.... but I still can see her eyes.. No wonder... I never knew that eyes could speak!

Her smile flashes across my mind and suddenly I'm totally occupied with her.. and I realize I forgot what I was thinking earlier!!!


Zephyr said...

o0o0o0o0o! u kno curiosity is killin me rite now. haha. sweet post! and pic change aa? aww, the kipling poem was nice tho.

in4sight said...

very nice... it perfectly captures the feeling of a crush! :)

Ranjith said...

indeed a CRAAASH :-)
My search plane crashed here :-) :-)

in4sight said...

haha... u mean ur search for the perfect set of eyes? lol

Ranjith said...

:-) lol

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