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Jul 7, 2009


I was expecting patients (like lookin like patients) while entering the Institute of Preventive Medicine. Bewildered when I found tens of students like me who have come for some kind of vaccination. Seemed like only those leaving India require them!

Well, other than that went no where today! quite boring isn't it. well, I did supplement it however. When the shutters were just closing and people running home.

It was slightly drizzling and late in the evening when I was out to bring some crap.. I was returning home and while entering the apartment, my soul grunts "COME OOONN"

Pheww.. sigh!!! "Ok" I say and we (me, my soul) set out on a short trip. It was drizzling (I know!! second time) and cold... very cold.

The second time I come home.. same grunting.. and this time, went right to a flyover.. :-) :-) The wind blowing hard on my face.. Felt like a cold wightless handkerchief just drifting away on my face, touching my hair. When I sense my hair flying while driving, I feel like John Abraham's hair style.. well I see the mirror and I find wires on my head!

Anyone who asks me a lift, gets it. Yeah just as I passed one guy, I saw through the corner of my eye, he asking me lift and feeling maybe he missed the oppourtunity. I stop a few feet away... he comes running and asks

"ekkadi varaku velthunnaru?" (*with respect* "what's your destination??")

Me "Ahmmm... ahemmm!!! aumm! straight velthunnanu" (*pointing down the road* "I'm goin straight")

Smiling, he got onto the bike..

The rain striked harder now, the wind became louder. With lots of trouble he was trying to engage me in a conversation.

Trying to look backwards and shouting, I said "Nadapadam konchem kashtam ga undi, let me concentrate" (Let me concentrate on my driving)

I didn't see his face again till he got down. He conveyed his Thanks. Immediately I took a U-turn to go back. Now, his eyes were fixed on me. He was surely more grateful now. I liked the look and the thing that I'm gone crazy these days :-)

The wind got louder and the roads got noisier but a faint but high pitched "Thank you very much" managed to reach my ears.

A faint smile managed to escape my lips.

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Zephyr said...

aww, tht was so nice of u.

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