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Aug 4, 2009


Well, this is what i spoke on our Farewell day.. management farewell by the way! on behalf of our class.. these set of scratched papers I found while searching for someother thing! I did edit this slightly

Good afternoon to all the elders on the dias and off the dias.. Hi friends & Hey third years

We'd firstly like to thank the department and you people for organizing this. We're very grateful.

Now that we're graduating or rather leaving the college, I'd like to remind you that we're just 120 people graduating as Chemical Engineers from Osmania.. and a slightly greater number from all over AP and we people here definitely belong to the best among them. We have to realize how special we are, compared to the thousands of other engineers graduating every year.

In shaping such special 60 individuals, the most important factor is the faculty and lab staff.

Our HOD Mr.Charyulu Sir was always wanted us to lead a life of purity and honesty and guided us towards it. Those things he used to point out and explain all played vital in shaping us.

With R.Sreedhar Rao sir, it has always been a journey of learning. Especially during the project seminars, we used to sit admiring him and his intellect. He once said "Engineering is a mini-world" and we realized it every moment since then.

We learned a lot out of these 4 years at CBIT. It has been a learning place.. a playing space and what not?? Everything.. A second home to all of us.

During Ananth Kumar sir's classes, the subject used to get absorbed on it's own and during Naga Prapurna ma'am's classes the subject used to get injected directly into our veins. We used to get so thorough as though we always knew those concepts.

B.Sreedhar Rao sir's and Balakrishna sir's classes were always fun-filled and we all like them a lot for that.

At present, we're missing Sitaramayya sir and Soumya ma'am here from the faculty who taught us. Sitaramayya Sir!! aah, we regard him as GOD of chemical engineering. Special thanks to him for his clarity and ease at subject.

Now, you JUNIORS. you people are going to be the senior most students in college in few months from now. All the best to you.
Together, we almost bagged the overall Shruthi Cup. Better luck next time.

All through our association we could've been slightly harsh towards you guys. Forget it, it's not intentional. Also, there are many good things between us to be remembered.

One suggestion, we 4th years wanted to give you: PLAN your 4th year.
All of your MUST plan your career paths in this vacation you'll be getting. It's high time you realize this. All the best.

Thankyou. Take care.

well, covering 4 years in few minutes was hard but I tried my level best :) thankyou :)


sana said...

Awww....must be nostalgic !!!

Rekha said...

wonderfrul speech yaar... i m totally impressed by it....

Ranjith said...

thaaank you :)

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