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Mar 2, 2009

ships never seemed to move!

No sound other than the waves
the mild breeze along our ears
the noisy shore making you calm

No light other than the stars
Moon was absent in helping them soothe us

Eyes fixed to the dark sky above
Bodies lying on the sand below
Relaxing, We lied there
for what seemed to be an eternity
We lied there motionless

Amongst an affluence of feelings
breathing heavily, with joy
hearts getting louder
and thoughts wandering faster.

We saw vague shadows of ships near the horizon
they seemed as motionless as we were
Our lives never seemed to move
We were isolated from the rest of the world
We now don't care about it
It's only us now..
We wondered how we spent all these 20 years
How we missed this solitary place all this while

Amidst this turbulence of emotions, my friend spoke
"lovely, isn't it?" "we should be here again, together"
Smiles on the remaining two of our faces :-) :-)
We knew we had to be there again
We had to experince it again
we had it to experience it every moment, if possbile!

We were three
We decided, we'll return here surely
after few years., With girl friends
and again after few years, with wives...

he he :-) just kidding

We decided to return with wives...
and make them expericnce what we did...
The place is the free country Goa.. the beach was Vagator, nearby our room... the time was 11.30 in the night... had the best of times.. lost ourselves

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sana said...

wow!!! dats a really kool description...goa must also be kool den!! n thnks for ur comments :)

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