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Apr 28, 2009


Belated wishes to one of the first and finest writers I came to know. The below poem "Mirage" is her work and if personified, it'll turn into a present day individual.

"I know not myself,

Maybe you know me?
Look into my eyes,
Tell me what you see.

An innocent girl,
Or a crafty witch,
Between these roles
Do I appear to switch?

I stand at the crossroads,
Of reality and bright dreams,
I start to move forward,
At least, that is how it seems.

Which path do I take?
Do you think you know?
Radiant dreams by a friend,
Gloomy reality by a foe?

Do you think that you have
Understood the riddle,
Or have you lost yourself,
Somewhere in the middle?

These words I pen,
Are a mirror of my heart,
Or they simply might be,
A barrier to deadly darts.

If you have read this far,
Then you may know me,
And in that illusion,
I will let you be."

This post is a tribute to the poem which perfectly captures the puzzle and parody of present day life and a birthday greeting to it's writer. Thousand times I read it and it still feels fresh and true.

and this is the link to her


Zephyr said...

omg! thank u soo much for this dedication of a post and wishes! truly honored and touched. and the white flowers and the quote... wow, it looks so beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

that quote's yours...


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